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Venture Photography?

Just came from the great Minnesota get-together where my MIL was IMO scammed into buying a $500 session for only $50. She insisted even though DH and I have already set up a newborn session. Can't find much information on their website. Any recs?


The pictures are absolutely beautiful, just worried it's going to be spendy!

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Re: Venture Photography?

  • Saw them yesterday at woodbury days. The pictures are cool....they tried to get us to buy the same special. He said you don't get a Cd or a book of prints. You only get the picture or 2 you're going to hang on your wall. Which to me meant $$. They also didn't have any business cards or anything I could take with me if I wanted to look into it later. That was kind of weird. Don't have the info you're looking for but hopefully someone does!
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  • They look like a chain company and just from their website I don't see anything I would spend $500 on.  If it was a gift then I would go and take what came in the orignal package and nothing else (unless there were other images I loved) and stick with my original photographer for the newborn pictures.
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  • Yeah, I'm guessing it's what I had my gut feelings about. My MIL literally held me there and made me feel awful. ("I want a picture of my grandchild!!!!!") Trying to explain to her we have something set up with the nosy salesman in our face was really awkward. He wanted to know who exactly was taking our pictures for us and everything.

    Of course DH caved and thinks his mom is saving us all this $$$.

    Going to call today and request more info.
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  • JGYJGY member

    Hopefully you'll see this reply and I'm not too late chiming in!

    We purchased this $50 gift certificate at a fundraiser last year, and you definitely want to know what you're getting yourself into.  With that certificate you will receive 1 5x7 (might even be 4x6, it's at home so I can't check) framed photo from your session.  That is all. 

    The session for us was okay, not GREAT fun like they make it seem, but I think that had a lot to do with our personalities.  But it was fine, and they do take some gorgeous photos.  I say that having a Sister who is a professional photographer.  But their big sell isn't their photos, it's their total product.  They don't sell anything unframed.  And the framed items start at around $500, I believe.  And it's a HARD SELL.  Once you hit a certain $$ threshold, I think they offer a USB drive with 10 photos on it or something like that for another astronomical amount.  But those images are not printable, only for digital use.

    All that being said, I managed to finagle a discount on a discontinued product line and we did end up buying something from them in addition to the 1 framed piece that you get with the package.  And I DO love it.  But I had to refuse the pickup 3 times before I actually brought it home because the mounting wasn't done well. So beware there too.

    Good luck!  Enjoy the session and see what comes of it.  But definitely understand that there will be a hard sell at the end, and it will be awkward.  And if you DO decide you can afford to purchase a piece, make sure you go in with a solid DO NOT EXCEED amount that you've agreed on ahead of time, and then don't let them talk you over it.

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