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Allergy or Foremilk Hindmilk Imbalance?

Sorry this is long...need your opinion based on your experience with food allergy...

At about 1 month I took DS to the pedi because I was worried about how upset he was all the time and seemingly uncomfortable.  At that time the pedi told me that because LO was gaining weight and all vitals were great, it was probably colic and mentioned cutting down on dairy might help.  At that time I started doing tons of reading about milk allergies.  After reading, this also clued me in that he definitely had muscousy stools (FTM, I just thought they were nasty baby poops and didn't really realize his poo was abnormal).  I cut out all obvious dairy and saw some improvement in his demeanor some days but no changes in the stool.  Shortly after that he had blood in his stool.  We went back to the pedi and he didn't seem concerned and again said he is thriving, he'll grow out of it and everything was ok. 

LO has continued to have green, mucousy stools but has never again had obvious blood, only the one time. (I know there could be traces in there) In his entire 2.5 months of life, I only remember one yellow seedy stool during his first week. He eats well and no breastfeeding issues. Continues to gain weight and above 50th percentile for height/weight.  All day he pulls his legs up and still remains very fussy/seemingly uncomfortable. No rashes, no vomit, no other allergy symptoms.

Long story short...I've also read that the f/hmilk imbalance has similar symptoms.  With what I have described, does it sound like an allergy/sensitivity or an imbalance/something else?  Even though my pedi is not concerned, I still feel like I should be doing more to help him. 

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Re: Allergy or Foremilk Hindmilk Imbalance?

  • If you have an oversupply, I'd consider a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. If you don't, the next step is to cut soy too. Something like 40% of babies who are milk protein intolerant, are also soy protein intolerant. 

    Also, with a f/hmilk imbalance, the stools tend to be green and frothy, as opposed to green and mucousy.

    DD2 has gained weight beautifully her whole life, but she is MSPI. So good weight gain doesn't rule out MSPI. She used to be super gassy and was either eating, sleeping, or crying. Her stools turned green and mucousy around 2 wks of age and there were specks of blood in them sometimes. Her stools went back to normal after I'd been dairy and soy free for about 5 wks. Her pedi tested her stool again and it was negative for blood. DD2 is a super happy, healthy baby now. It was amazing to see how she changed when I changed my diet.  

    It's disconcerting that your pedi wasn't bothered by your LO having blood in his stool. Babies can have blood in their stool due to an anal fissure, but given your LO's other symptoms, the blood seems to be cause for concern. I think you're right to dig deeper into the issue. 

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