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fetal heart rate question

We had our 1st internal ultrasound and got to see baby's heart beat which was amazing! The fetal heart rate was about 117120 depending on how the u/s tech positioned the wand. I can't remember what DD's was at this point in that pregnancy. The rate just seems low to me but I get conflicting normal rates when I look online. I have to wait until Mon to hear the Drs opinion. Anyone know if this heart rate is normal for 6.57 weeks pregnant?
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Re: fetal heart rate question

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    at 7wks my babys was 120 i think
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    Thanks for the feedback! It makes me feel better. I'm always worrying about something with this pregnancy.
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    6 w u/s hr was 109. If yours is low then what is mine! 

    I am not worried. After having a m/c I am so happy to see a hb. I 'm sure my dr will tell me if there is anything to worry about... 

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    I had it done yesterday for the 1st time and it was 141
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    I asked the sono tech if there was any truth to the rumors of babies gender being related to heartrate and she said no and then she explained that baby's heart rate is higher the earlier in development, however, she also said it is just like when we move and our heartrate increases, she sees a wide variety of heart rates depending on the activity of the baby. Obviously at a few weeks along its not moving too much but I imagine the concept is still similar
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    I just saw the heartbeat for the first time on Thursday (at 6 weeks, 4 days) and it was 120.  The nurse said normal is 120-160, Google is telling me 110-130 when it first starts beating. The nurse wasn't concerned, so I'm not either!
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    I know that a newborn's heart rate normal is 110-160, not sure what the difference would be for a baby at 6weeks gestation.

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    I had an ultrasound at 6w1d with this pregnancy and the heart rate was 120-124. The ultrasound tech, the nurse, and the doctor all said the heart rate was great for this stage in pregnancy, I remember in later ultrasounds (20 weeks or later) with my other pregnancies that the heart rates were always closer to 140 but I am guessing that has something to do with development and age.
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