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Baby boy penis question

I felt the need to not confuse anyone on whos penis I would be asking about... DS was circumcised and has developed a few adhesions around where the skin has been cut. It seems like the skin is trying to grow back over the head. The pedi told me to pull the skin back daily...

The problem is, is that the head is never sticking out.  The pedi called it "turtling," an affectionate term, not medical. The only time I really see the head is when he is/ just peed. So I have to really dig in and push the skin back. Is this normal? 

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Re: Baby boy penis question

  • This is also my first kid, so I don't know if I can say whether this is "normal".  However, DS was also circumcised and I have never had to pull any skin back...
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  • He's my only boy... Maybe I should venture to another board for this one...
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  • Do a little research on circumcisions. I was surprised to learn, after Q got his, that there are often a slew of problems that go along with them and it is not the norm to have one done perfectly. A friend of mine even has to have her poor baby clipped again!
  • My LO is like that as well - the turtling not the adhesions.  My OB likes to leave a little extra skin than is what we think of as normal for some health reason.  As he grows this turtling will be less and less.

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  • We're in the same boat. Apparently OBs have started leaving more on "just in case". She said it would start looking normal as the fat pad under the genitals shrinks. I really hope so, because I would hate to get him clipped again...

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  • We have the adhesion and turtling issue as well.  I pull the skin back daily, but sometimes I still notice the skin adhering and have to be more forceful.  Sad  I guess it's normal if they have a little fat pad over their pelvic area.  I will sure be glad when I don't have to worry about it anymore!
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