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what is a good hospital in pg county to deliver at?

i am researching for a friend and trying to figure out what hospitals give the best care during birth so i can help her find a doctor.


Or is it best to go into VA - to INOVA or one of the DC hospitals? 

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Re: what is a good hospital in pg county to deliver at?

  • I have delivered at Holy Cross  in Sliver Spring, which was great.  My favorite is washington hospital center, but my insurance will not cover me there. I have the choice between Laurel , P.G and Holy Cross.. But I think I'm going to go to P.G I have heard some great things about the maternity ward. I go on the tour next week. I can keep you posted.
  • Coming from a Firefighter Medic for PG county. Depends on what your looking for.  PC has a nicu.  If there was something wrong with baby after delievery (god forbid) than your already at a hospital that can handle alot of situations with baby that comes early or other issues.  There is less chance of your child having to be taken to Children's.  The rooms themself are old.

    So . Md hospital is ok but there is no NICU.  The rooms are small and old looking.  You know there has not been an improvment in who knows when. 

    Laurel, I dont know much about since ive spent most of my time middle and south of the county.

    Depending on where you live

    Holy Cross is a good hospital.  My Cousin was born there.  They have really good bedside manor there.  They really care about eveyone who comes into the hospital.  

    Anne Arundle you have your own room.  The nurses are sweet as can be.  The rooms have enough room to have a party in (not saying having a party in the room but gives you an idea of size)   

    Washington Hospital  dont know much about this place. 


    I am on light duty at work and I told my co workers if for some reason something was to happen and I would have to go to the hospital for L&D take me to Anne Arundle.  I am about 3 mile from PG but TAKE ME TO Anne Arundle.  

    I  hope this helps some. 

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  • I live in PG but I wanted to deliver at John Hopkins but since that is in Baltimore that was out of the question. However, I went with a an OB/GYN at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians  and delivered at Howard County General which is a Johns Hopkins affiliate. Everything worked out well because I ended up having an emergency c-section and all my notes were accessible thru a shared record system through out the JHCP, the hospital, and Johns Hopkins itself. My baby needed to be in the NICU which was right next to the recovery section.the hospital and all the doctors were very nice and kept us informed on everything they did.


    good luck with your search. 

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  • I was born at Holy Cross and so were 3 of my siblings and lots of my friend's babies. It has been highly recommended! I am living in Northern Virginia now and am going to INOVA Loudoun. All of the INOVA hospitals are FANTASTIC and honestly, I would recommend them over PG County!
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