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NIFVR Tell me about your skin regimen...

Most of my friends are either guys our totally makeup free, so I thought I would ask here...

What do you use as either an eye cream our wrinkle cream? Or when did you/will you start using stuff like this?

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Re: NIFVR Tell me about your skin regimen...

  • I started using aveeno without sunscreen at night becasue my face seems to keep drying out.  I went in for a facial, and that's what the girl recommended.  I don't do much other than that.  I work with a bunch of guys and don't bother putting make-up on most days.
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  • I use c.linique products. My moisturizer has suscreen in it since I am in so-cal and definitely need it. I started using night time wrinkle cream when I got married. After my engagement pics I realized I had grown crows feet. Can't use any of my stuff now, but am anxious to get back to them!

    My derm recommends n.eutrogena products!

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  • I use Dermalogica, the sensitive skin line.  I can't say enough good things about it.  I have good skin but as I got older, it was dry and everything was making me red and splotchy.  This line has made my skin behave.
  • I started to use 100 percent pure products and have got a lot of comments on my skin since. The coffee bean eye cream is amazing and has a few celeb users now too. I use makeup from the same brand too and love that it is all natural and long wearing

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