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PSA: Hospital and lab 'discounts'

Hi all, I'm not too much of a poster (more a lurker type) but wanted to let you know something interesting I've learned recently. Like many of us with  a special needs kiddo, doctor/hospital/lab bills can get out of sight. The other day we received 5 in one day - ugh!

Many hospitals and labs (i.e: LabCorp) offer pay-in-full discounts - all you need to do is ask. DH thought I was nuts when i started making phone calls but in a little less than an hour I saved nearly $600.

LabCorp, interestingly, offers a bigger discount the more times they have sent you a bill.  Since I called on the 1st issuance of the bill they gave me a 20% disc - if I had waited for the 6th/7th it would have been 40%.  I did ask for the 40% so we could save the hassle for both - no dice, but the woman laughed and said she wished she could.

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