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PCS questions - moving LOs big toys

We are in Hawaii. I found the perfect little toddler slide/playground for DS that folds up and would be great for PCSing.

Bad news: No one has it in Hawaii and no one ships it to Hawaii (except for UPS or Fedex or other companies that would charge as much for shipping as the thing itself costs).

So the primary reason I liked this particular toy is because I thought the "fold away" feature would make it easier to pack up in the crates when we PCS. There are other cute outdoor toys (like this one), but they are bulky and I wonder about how it will fare when we PCS.

Thoughts? Advice?

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Re: PCS questions - moving LOs big toys

  • How long until you PCS?  If not long, then I would recommend looking for a used one and then selling it when you leave.  If you have a while, then buy one and use it until your LO outgrows it.  

    Also, my experience with movers is if they can find a way to take something apart, they will.   

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