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Help me brain storm, please

Halloween is coming up. What? Costco already has costumes out...lol.

 My first pregnancy I was a b-ball player. We cut out an older Laker Jersey (it was shaq for laker fans) and painted my belly as a basketball.

Z's first year we went low key and he was a lion. We went to boo at the zoo and didn't go trick-o-treating.

Last year, H was willy wonka, I was Violet and Z was an oompa loompa. We went to a festival and disneyland for halloween.

This year I was thinking H a nerd, me a librarian and Z Max from Where the wild things are. I want to incorporate my bump this time though. I can't think of anything but painting my belly like a globe.

 Can we brainstorm a good family costume? Z also said he wanted to be a "man cub" a la Jungle book. I don't see anything with that either. He wants to be dinasour also, maybe I can be a cave women w/dinasour egg and H can be a caveman?


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