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NT Scan yesterday!

So I finally had my NT scan yesterday and all of the measurements looked good!  I feel so releived, I always make myself worry too much.  So I finally felt comfortable enough to tell everyone at work, so I did that this morning.  Now if only this 24 hour headache would subside I would really be feeling good!  The u/s tech couldn't guess the gender, so now I have to wait until October 8th.  I was team green with ds but this time I feel the need to be prepared in case it's a girl.  Anyway, just wanted to share!  Hope you ladies are all feeling well!

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BFP#1 - 11/27/09 EDD 8/5/10, DS1 arrived 7/24/10 via emergency c-section.

BFP#2 - 6/18/12 EDD 2/23/13, sweet baby girl born sleeping on 10/4/12 at 19 weeks, 3 days.

BFP #3 - 1/18/13 EDD 10/1/13, natural mc on 2/2/13 at 5 weeks, 4 days.

BFP #4 - 8/29/13 EDD 5/12/14, our sweet rainbow, DS2 born 4/29/14 via c-section

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