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Showing earlier in 2nd pregnancy

So I thought I was crazy but I"m about 7 weeks now and my clothes are already getting tight. I went ahead and went out and bought a few pair of maternity shorts. I'm a marathon runner so I'm relatively healthy. I didn't start showing with my daughter it seemed forever and already my husband can see it too and is saying we might have to tell people sooner rather than later...HA! Is this normal?
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Re: Showing earlier in 2nd pregnancy

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    For my second, I definitely showed earlier - my body kind of reverted to "pregnancy state".  I am wondering about this time now... hoping it holds off until week 10...
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    I'm on my 2nd too and prepared for early showing since I was visibly showing to others by 13 weeks with my first.
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    With my first I was in maternity clothes at 7 weeks and it was purely from being bloated.  I didn't actually show with the first until 13 weeks.

    With #2 I'm 12 weeks and I'm still fitting in my regular clothes (although they are getting pretty tight) because I didn't have any bloat this time around.

    Even with a second pregnancy 7 weeks is awful early to show and have it actually be baby, not bloat. 

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    I am having the same thing. With my first I was starting to get thick in the middle by 12 weeks. With this one I am just 5 weeks and I'm already pooching out a bit. Not enough for others to notice, but it's very obvious to me. I can wear my regular clothes, but my jeans are a little tight in the waist. I'm sure some of it is bloat, but from everything ive read, your body just knows what to do once you've have a baby. It has a memory of what it's supposed to do. Not to mention that our tummy muscles will never been like they were before we had a our first children!
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    I started showing about 3-4 weeks earlier with my second pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child, and the bloat this time has been terrible!

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