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  • *waves* hi ladies!

    I'm hoping you'll have me back. I was on the list for a december EDD- but we had a missed m/c in June.  We are now TTC again.

     TTCing Questions


    1. What cycle are you on? Waiting to O or 2WW? 2WW- FF thinks I'm 17dpo- however i tested - at 14dpo and I'm not entirely sure i actually ovulated at all this cycle. (we were traveling and its the second cycle after m/c) anyone super awesome at reading charts? 


    2. What are you looking forward to this week? tomorrow is my birthday!


    3. Monday confession? today i looked for a chart that was like mine and turned out with a bfp. there are a few. i then compared them day to day and convinced myself i was probably ktfu.


    4. Questions for next week?


  • Add me to the PG board? Please! EDD 4/6/13 1. What week are you in? Any new aches or pains? Week 10, nothing new, just still battling "all-day" sickness. 2. Any milestones this week? Just getting closer to the big reveal to family and friends at week 12! 3. When is your next appointment? Will anything special happen at that appointment? Next week - meeting with the office nurse to get blood work done and full medical history etc... 4. What are you looking forward to this week? The hubby and I have started to bounce names off one another, so crossing fingers for some that we both like! 5. Monday confession? I slept in till 10am today :-)
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