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  • I delivered at Lenox Hill last year and it was fantastic.  The doctors were wonderful, the nurses were supportive, and when things got a bit scary at the end, they all made me feel secure and comfortable; they know what they're doing!  

    I do know that their private room rates went up recently, but are competitive with other hospitals in the area.  If you need/have a C-section like me, I think the private room is worth it (I was in for 5 days so the privacy was amazing!), but the double rooms are still very nice so not to worry if you are in one of those either.  

    The only bit of advice I would offer is to take advantage of all their classes!  The breastfeeding one and the childcare one are great; it was so helpful to have a nurse there to walk you through some of the basics. 

    Congrats to you and your new family!   

  • Hi there,

    Just found out I'm pregnant and also found out that my OBGYN that delivered my first baby is no longer delivering anymore. I was thinking about delivering at Lenox Hill as well but I am in desperate need of a doctor recommendation. 

    Who do you ladies recommend?


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  • The same thing happened to me. I am seeing Dr. Shaw, he delivers at Lenox Hill and so far I am happy with him. If you prefer a female doc there is Dr. Johnson. I have seen her when Dr. Shaw was out of the office.

    They are located at 53 East 67th street in manhattan. 2125179048. It's been convenient for me since I am taking grad classes at Hunter. Their office is around the corner and down the block from the school. 

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