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Intro and questions about Ft. Meade

Hi :)

I've been lurking for a while and learning a lot from you ladies, especially the Tricare stuff. It was a lot easier when I was growing up and Tricare was just *there* so you guys help a lot!

We're being stationed at Ft. Meade in the spring and I'm just starting my research. I'm due with our first in January and I'll be going it alone since my husband will be away until I meet him in Maryland mid-March.

I was hoping to get information from other moms about Ft. Meade. I've visited Maryland a few times, usually the Baltimore/ Annapolis area. I'd love to learn more, find out about the stuff I can't google like military groups or the best areas to look for housing near the base if we can't get on post. 

Mostly, I'm just nervous about going from the hot, dry desert where in March it's 90s to Maryland where I'm guessing it's pretty cold and wet still in March? If I remember right, when I went in March many years ago it was mud season. 

Thank you for any help! 

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Re: Intro and questions about Ft. Meade

  • Hi there! I moved here in the middle of July and it has been very hot and very humid.  The base is pretty nice and bigger than I had planned. Depending on your husband's rank, living on post is almost easier and cheaper.  The housing on post is really nice too...much better than the pictures show.  We were told we were like 40 out of 60 and we ended up getting something after 1 week of being in a hotel.  You just have to go to housigng and see what they have. if you aren't picky, the wait isn't long.  There are so many little towns that are right by base too, so it's hard to tell when you are looking for places to live.  I've been told winters vary.  Last year wasn't bad and I don't think it even snowed.  It's really easy to get around the area too since we're between a bunch of highways. I went to DC last week and it was really easy with the metro system.  Good luck!
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  • I can't give much input onto the whole military base thing... however I live in MD so if you have questions about the area I may be able to help. Feel free to respond on here or PM me
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  • Oh I miss Fort Meade desperately! We both really loved our time there. We're hoping we get to go back after our stint out here in Hawaii.

    We have friends who chose to live off base in Severn, Hanover, Elkridge and Catonsville. Catonsville would be about a 10-15 minute drive, but it's a lovely area. We chose to live on base and had a great little townhouse and loved it. We didn't have any kids so we just got a 2 bedroom, but we had a nice sized yard and a garage. Picernce is pretty easy to work with.

    IMO, you can't really ask for a better duty station as far as accesible things to do. DC, Baltimore, you can so easily get to NYC, Philly. Enjoy your time there and do lots of fun stuff!

    There was some freaky weather in our two years there. We had 3 blizzards and scorching summers. But pleasant falls and springs. I'd say it might still be a little wet in March, but hopefully it'll be warming up a bit into spring.

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