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those with late sept EDD's

how is everyone holding up with these single digit countdowns and babies being born?!

I know I'm super anxious to meet LO, but realistically I have at least a month left. Some of you might have even longer, right?!

Do you have all your baby gear prepped and ready to go? hospital bag packed? pack n play/bassinet/crib all set up?

I know I can say I have none of this done.  thinking of lurking over at the Oct board so I don't feel so far behind!  Everything is purchased or cleaned but LO won't have its own room so no nursery decorating for me this time around!

anything else to add?

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Re: those with late sept EDD's

  • I'm due 9/26...I've always felt behind on this board, but it's been a good way to learn what's coming down the road for us in a few short weeks!

    I've got most of my hospital bag and all of LOs hospital bag packed. The nursery is finished except for some wall decorations and putting clothes away. I would still like to get a tune-up/detail on my car and cook some freezer meals, but other than that I'm ready.

    Still 5+ more weeks!!


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  • I'm anxious, too. :)

    I've just started packing the hospital bags this weekend. I'll probably mull over them for a little bit, making sure the contents make sense and that I'm not over-packing.

    My shower was Saturday, so now I'm working on washing baby clothes and organizing the nursery. The crib, glider, and co-sleeper are ready to go. Everything else is either still boxed up or waiting in the wings.

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  • my edd is 09/24 but hoping for 10-12ish. I am a little jealous of all the early babies. But I (un)fortunately know when I concieved so there was no real guess work to my due date. We are slowly getting to the point where I feel prepared, our nursery has been set up in our room since June when the furniture arrived (FIL had picked out for us in Mar before he passed). I have most things that we have washed, I have sterilized anything yet though. Hospital bag is not packed, I have a pink and a blue onsie in there as well as the travel hygiene stuff for me and DH. We just finalized our child care like two days ago and I still need to get on the buying/making cd's.

    Once we get the car seat I will feel prepared until then I'm just floundering.
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  • I'm due 9/23 and have done almost nothing to prepare. I think I'm in denial. Luckily, we don't have much to do since we can reuse almost everything from DD, but I still feel bad that I have no drive to get/do anything Wink
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  • I'm due the 25th and was 9 days late with DD, so yeah I have forever to go. 

    Just this weekend I went out and bought a ton of stuff for LO--blankets, pacis, clothes--and started washing the rest of DD1's baby clothes.  I have a list of what to pack in the hospital bag but I haven't actually did it yet.  I feel really behind this time but I'm hoping it will all fall together sooner rather than later.

  • My EDD is 9/24. I'm super jealous of everyone who has met/ will meet their babies this week. Don't get me wrong... I do NOT want a 35 weeker, I just want to see my baby and I am very impatient. I dreamed I had him last night and forgot to tell my husband until he was a couple of days old. 
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    I feel pretty detached from the epidemic. I've had a really easy pregnancy just like last time so I'm pretty sure I still have at least a month.  It's the same to me as when everyone was announcing the sex of the baby when I was still in 1st tri.

    For the most part, if I had to bring a baby home this week, I would be ready. I still need to get a few things (rnp, bottles, pump parts). We haven't packed a hospital bag but I didn't pack ahead last time either. Since we both travel for work, we always have our bathroom stuff packed to throw in. I'm still wearing most of the clothes I will pack for myself so no need to pack those away yet. I guess I could go ahead and pack the baby's stuff. Maybe I'll do that this week. 

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  • I know how you feel! I am due 9/25 and all of these August births have me freaking out a little!! I'm hoping to at least make it to my due date!

    I do not have my hospital bag packed at all. I am totally procrastinating but I feel like I don't need to bring a ton of stuff. My hospital is like not even 5 mins from my house so I can always send my husband home!

    Our baby room is pretty close to being finished. We worked on it last night and are just waiting for my mom to finish the valances. We are also using the cradle that I used so we have to get that from my parents house, which is right next door. My goal is to have everything ready by the first day of school, which is September 4.

    Just typing this post is making me nervous!! I can't believe how close it's getting.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!  

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  • I have no desire to have this baby at 35 weeks, but it is making me a little jealous that the other mommies are meeting their babies soon / already!  I was daydreaming about L&D the other night...can't wait to meet my little man.

    We're prepared enough, but still have a lot to do.  If I went into labor tomorrow, I'd be doing a lot of paperwork in the hospital, for work etc.  But, we have clothes, car seat etc.  Just none of it is washed/set up yet.  But I figure I still have at least 4 weeks to do that and if something major changed, DH knows how to clean / install a car seat.  Stick out tongue

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  • FTM here, due 9/28 and am a teacher. We're back to school (for professional development week--no kids yet) on Thursday. I have been pushing it to get everything "baby" done before going back to work. I'm still not completely settled yet, but we're nearly there. I've still got some household projects to do, but the nursery is ready to go. All items have been put together and washed, etc. Hospital bags are packed, minus electronics. Today my mom's coming today to help me with freezer meals, which was another biggie on the list, but here's what remains:

    *car seat installation (it's in the car, just need to take it to a fire department)

    *ALL of my plans for my long-term sub (the fact that this hasn't even been started is seriously weighing on me...I'm counting on NOT being early) 

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  • I'm due one month from today, and I have everything ready and waiting for our little man. I know that being so excited and ready he will probably end up an October 1 baby, which is the latest my doctor will let me go. It'd be just my luck.
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  • My EDD is 9/20, one month to go but I still feel like it's creeping very close!

    I got my last piece of nursery furniture yesterday and stocked the dresser with all the clothes I've received - tags and receipts attached to most items, I've only washed the essentials. That being said, nothing in the nursery is set up, just piled into the room, along with the giant computer desk that still needs to go. The bassinet is ready at least!

    I finally bought a diaper bag last night because everyone seemed shocked I had yet to find one that I liked. I suppose I'm just picky. The tags are staying on that too, for now at least.

    My hospital bag is completely empty, but after receiving a call from an Oct mom friend who had to make an unexpected trip to L&D (she's OK), I think I might start packing that today... or tomorrow... or maybe Wednesday when I'm off work. I'm a procrastinator!


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    I'm due 9/21 and feel completely behind. 

    We're going on a trip this weekend, so I can't pack my hospital bags until I get back from that. 

    My shower was Saturday, and we just placed our completion coupon order online so we probably won't have everything we need until the end of this week or early next week.

    Our car seat is in, but I need to get it checked out. 

    Part of me wants to have everything ready right now, but I also don't want to have everything done and spend the last few weeks of pregnancy pacing the floors with nothing to do.  I think my goal is to have everything ready by 37 weeks (Sept 1). 

    If I get bored after that, I'll just walk the mall all day.


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  • I'm due 9/23 and just had my shower this past Saturday, so I feel like now I can really kick it into high gear and get organized.  The room is pretty set in terms of furniture; we're just waiting on the glider to be delivered and then have to hang all of the decorations.  But everything else still needs to be done: installing car seat, washing clothes/blankets/sheets, packing hospital bag, etc.  My goal for this week is to organize and put away all of the stuff from the shower, decide what must-haves we still need, buy a couple of nursing tanks, and replace some old travel-sized toiletries so I can start getting my hospital bag organized.  If this little guy comes early, I think we're ready, but I'm a kinda glad to have 5 weeks left to keep preparing (even though I'm dying to meet my baby)!!
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  • I'm glad the epidemic hasn't crept into us late-monthers yet.

    Baby has been on track for 9/29 since our first u/s (three total) so that's my personal EDD. On the books, with my absolute guess at LMP, I'm technically an Oct mom, so I could be the latest birther on here if I were to go 2 wks over. But I liked you guys more than Oct, so I choo choo choose you.

    I start extra monitoring in 2 wks since I had low AF last time. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing baby girl again (and making sure she's still a she) and will use that as a time to get my bag packed.

    We just went on our last long weekend away, so baby planning should kick into full swing this week. Nursery is done (just revamped DD's slightly), but I need to pull out the baby clothes bins, the pump, etc. and install the carseat bases.

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  • I'm due 9/20 but am thinking baby will make an early appearance due to pretty acute prodromal labor. I very quickly packed a hospital bag last Thursday as I had non-stop contractions for 8 hours on Wednesday. Most stuff is ready... I still need to order a new car seat cover (ours is pink and this one is a boy) but will use the summer cover (white) if he shows up early. I need the second seat for the BJCS but I guess I could just wear him for a while or make DD walk. I figure amazon is 1-day delivery anyway :p.

    I am way more relaxed this time around. I figure if we don't have it, DH can just go out and buy it. I did wash the clothes and the swing cover. The crib is still in toddler form but DH could put the side up while I am in the hospital I guess.

    I suppose I should probably rinse out my diaper covers. I bought a pack of sposies for the meconium stage though so that gives me 4 days to get the covers rinsed and dried. 

  • I'm due the 29th and for some reason feel like I could go earlier than that. We have all of the important stuff done now. Washed the carseat, clothes etc., bought diapers. His room is far from done but he won't be in there for a while so I'm not too concerned. A friend was du next saturday and had her baby Friday night so that got me to do some of the big things this weekend. There are lots of little things left to do, pack a bag, set up the pack n play, clean house some more. Overall I'm ready though. He just needs to stay in for 3 more weeks so I can get a few things done for my business before I'm juggling two kids and of course so that he is at term!
  • My EDD is 9/21 and have been feeling the pressue to get things ready to go so this weekend we finished up shopping for the rest of the items we needed and then put everything away and got the room organized.
    I packed the baby's bag for the hospital and now all I have left to do is pack my bag, DH needs to pack his bag, and install the carseat so I'm actually feeling pretty good about everything at this point.
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  • My mom loves to remind me that I was born 10 days early, so it could happen! LOL I'm not due till the 25th, but if I were to go early that means it's only 3-4 wks away. Aaaahhh!!! So scary! Except for the hospital bag, we've got everything to get us started. I'm still kind of in denial though....can't seem to grasp the concept that I'm going to be a mom. Makes me feel so grown up hehehe

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  • I'm due the 26th, and I can't believe how fast the time seems to be going!  If I go a week early LO will be born on my mom's birthday, and if I got a week late LO will be born on DH's birthday. 

    We've got the nursery mostly set-up, but there is still a lot of junk left in the room from when it was the computer room.  I've been trying to get to work cleaning it out, but we seem to have become very popular people lately and haven't been home much for every weekend in August.

    My shower is this comming Sunday, so my plan is to really step up the hospital packing and nursery tidying afterwards.

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  • I'm due 9/22. I told DH about all the early babies here and that I hope to make it to our due date. He replied "May the odds be ever in your favor." Dork. :)

    Our nursery is done and ready, and I have our hospital bags 1/2 packed. I won't throw toiletries and stuff like that in until the last minute. We installed the carseat yesterday, we just need to take it to a fire department to get checked. 

    As far as things left to do, we don't have much. I need to boil the pacifiers and bottles and wash her clothes, and I haven't started her quilt yet. But we could have her tomorrow and be fine. I think we're overly prepared at this point. 

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  • imageschiggins:
    I dreamed I had him last night and forgot to tell my husband until he was a couple of days old. 

    This made me LOL. 

     I am due 9.27. I've completely got it in my head that this baby isn't coming until October and I still have loooots of time to get things ready. I still have another shower and I've given myself a date that I have to have things ready by. Hopefully I make it til then!

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  • im due 9/27 but EVERYONE is convinced i'll go early except me lol hopefully the epidemic will continue to avoid me ::knock on wood:

    our nursery (crib, mattress, dresser/changing table, and bedding) isnt being delivered until sept 4 so she needs to stay in at least till then but the later the better!  DF just got a new job so we're hoping to get our own place before DD makes her appearance so the longer she stays in the better all around!  but should she come early we have everything basically ready, hospital bag, car seat and whatnot.  i am jealous that the other mamas get to meet their babies but i know LO isnt quite ready yet so i must continue to be patient :) 38 more days!

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  • I'm due 9/27 and I spent the entire weekend washing everything! Put clothes away, we got the crib mattress this weekend and set that up. I'm thinking of getting our bags together this week. I gave birth right around this time with my first (35 weeks) after being on bedrest for 4 weeks so to not be in the same position again and potentially going all the way is brand new to me! lol
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  • I'm due 9/25 but the epidemic has hit me already lol. I am mostly likely going to deliver on or shortly after 9/4 when I'm 37 weeks because of my sky high blood pressure. I have an appt tomorrow where I will schedule the induction. All of her things are purchased and her room is ready, but I haven't packed the hospital bag yet! I will probably work on that this week. 

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  • I always feel behind on here, although I don't seem to be as anxious this time as I was with my first.  I am uncomfortable, huge, etc, but I am not in a total rush to get him here.  I have the baby corner set up in our room, nursery is done, the baby's and DS's stuff is packed, but I haven't packed anything for DH or myself.  I plan to do that after this weekened.  This weekend is DS's 4th birthday party, so that has been a distraction.
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  • I'm due on the 21st and delivered both my other children really late, so I'm not holding out much hope baby will be here anytime soon.  I am ready for the most part though.  I spent yesterday rearranging the nursery and getting things washed up.  I have not installed the car seat bases yet, and probably won't for another couple of weeks.  I did start packing the baby bag and my hospital bag.  I just have to throw last minute toiletries in when I need them.  FI is on his own for his.  :)
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  • I'm due 9/21, but H and other people keep telling me I'll go early. My Sister in-law (is married to H's brother) had both her babies 2 weeks early and she keeps telling me "you're having a ____ (insert last name) baby, you'll have him early". All the August births are kind of freaking me out a little too. I had high BP early on in PG but it came down and has stayed pretty normal, so I'm hoping everything will go ok for the next few weeks!

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  • imagemands629:

    I'm due 9.26 but am hoping to be overdue and make it to 10.5 or later... just so FMLA will take me through the holidays instead of having to come back the week between Christmas and New Years.

    And for once, I'm actually really happy I'm due at the end instead of the begining like last time.  I have so much left to do!  Maybe I'll make a "to do" list today at work instead of, you know, actually working.

    This is my only reasoning for wanting to be late as well! If I'm on time, I go back the week before XMas. If I'm a little late, it'll bring me up to Xmas and I'm almost positive I can finagle work to give me a few extra days through the holidays. (they did it for my coworker last year)

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  • My due date is 9/30, the very last day in September, unfortunately.  Everyone is ahead of me.  Every ticker I see in every siggy is at LEAST one day ahead of me, lol.  But it's okay.  My SO and I actually really want the little guy to come in October, as it's our favorite month with fall and Halloween and pumpkins and such (although my SO is worried he's going to try to come out at the very last minute and make him miss the Walking Dead season premiere).  So while it's hard to see everyone so much closer to meeting their LOs, I'm trying to be optimistic.  And if I mosey on over to the October board, I'm ahead of EVERYONE, and it makes me feel good lol.

    Andplusalso, I have nothing done.  Nothing.  My baby shower isn't even until the 8th.  But I'm not stressing.  We have a tiny apartment, there's not really much to do besides organizing everything. 

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  • I'm due 9/26 and have nothing done.  We don't need any gear, but everything except the crib is still in the basement and needs to be washed.  I don't even know where my box of nb and 0-3 month clothing is.  (Not a huge deal, since most of it is summer girl clothing that won't be useful for either a boy or a girl, but I do have some gowns and sleepers that will work...if I can find them.)

    Hospital bag = not packed

    DD's bag = not packed

    I still need to purchase new nursing bras/tanks, breast pads, etc.  And I've been saying that I'm going to rent nb CDs this time, but I haven't done that either.  I have DD's stash, but I didn't love it the first time around and I found a place where I can rent 24 nb BG AIOs for $80 for three months, which sounds like a great deal to me.

    And I'm nowhere near ready to be out on mat leave.  That's a whole different story!


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  • I'm due the 25th, and feel like I have at least another month. My first was born 10 days late, so I'm thinking that I may have an October baby. All these babies being born now seems so far away for me. But, I don't feel so impatient this time around. I feel like I can wait until the time is right. Even if that means that I really will have an October baby.

    We're supposed to be moving right before my due date and that's kind of stressing me out. I'm trying to get as much done as far as purchasing everything, but the real setting up won't happen until after the move. I plan on getting a lot of stuff this weekend so that should make me feel loads better.

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  • I'm due 9/26 but I'm scheduled for a c/s on 9/18 and my OB thinks there's a decent chance I won't make it that long (irritable uterus plus baby that's consistently been in the 90th+ percentile). I initially wanted to wait so that I wasn't ready to go with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs, but knowing I might go early got me motivated. The nursery is 98% done and hopefully the last things will arrive this week. I packed the baby's bag and started my own over the weekend and we bought whatever we still needed off the registry. I definitely have a few more things to get done, but if she arrived tomorrow we'd be in good shape. Hopefully knowing that will keep her in longer!
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  • I'm 9/21, but with my blood pressure issues, the docs are hoping to get me to 9/14.

     I did get her area of our bedroom all set up this weekend. Her cradle has the linens on it, all her clothes are put away, and her diaper changing station is ready. I still need to put together my hospital bag (hopefully this weekend) and also bring my glider up to our room, but I feel pretty good about where we are.

    I may end up on modified bed rest in the next week or two, because of my blood pressure issues. So, I really want to get the house cleaned and all the final stuff done, so I can relax as much as possible. DH keeps saying he'll "help" but if I wait until he does it she'll be here. I just want my MF bathrooms cleaned!

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  • First time mom here, and I'm due 9/19, but have a feeling it'll be more like 9/15. Our little girl had been early on everything, found out I was preggers at four and a half weeks, felt her kick at sixteen weeks, and KNEW from the very very beginning she was a she. So I'm kind of sticking with my intuition on this one, seeing as I've been right about everything else!
    That being said, I have NOTHING done, haven't even had my shower yet! We have more hand me down clothes than we know what to do with, and the bassinet, diaper bag, car seat, all of which are washed, but that's the extent. I think I'm still in disbelief this is actually happening, you know? Until I met my SO, I NEVER wanted kids, and sometimes I can't help but think 'no, it's not a baby in there! Not me! No, it's a bear, or a squid or something.'
    I know, completely nuts!
  • My edd is 9/26 and I am so far from being ready that it is kinda scary. I have to start nesting!!! Our room is a mess and that's where dd will sleep. Hopefully I'll get stuff done soon. This epidemic of early births scares me. : Don't forget to read and catch up on movies too, ladies. I really missed those when I had my first. There just wasn't enough time to go around.
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  • Due 9/22 and hating being at the tail end of everything. I don't want a preemie just a different due date lol. I think I will go early but only by a few days. We are nowhere near ready though so I'm not in a huge rush to reach term. The baby doesn't even have a room yet and we just ordered our carseat. No hospital bag packed either..maybe closer to 37wks. I hate being pregnant but I'm not overly anxious to give birth yet, maybe when we have everything all set for baby! I am getting really, really curious if it's a boy or girl though.
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  • Yeah, it's weird. My EDD is 9.30.12. With DS1, my EDD was 6.3.2011, so I was one of the first on my BMB to have a baby. Now, I'll be one of the last (probably). And actually, my original EDD was 10.4.12, it got changed early on to 9.30.12 b/c the baby was measuring ahead. So I do lurk on the October board a lot.
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  • I am due 9/23.

    I have my bag packed b/c about 2 wks ago I had severe cramping & BHs that lasted 1/2 the day. I couldn't walk/talk through some of them. I scared myself into packing my bag that night! 

    The bassinet is still in the box.

    Some of the nursery furniture is coming tomorrow & the crib is coming later in the week, so yay for that! We spent all wekend clearing out the room & finally moving my office to our newly finished basement.

    The PnP is already set up b/c we still use it for DS.

    We also have a load of NB clothes washed. 

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