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Have any of y'all been getting massages in the first trimester? My back is killing me and while almost all websites say they are fine, the local massage clinic won't do them until 2nd Tri. Thoughts?

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    Can you ask your dr to point you towards a massage clinic that will take you? Sounds like the way you usually go to is after of you have a miscarriage and then suing them for the miscarriage (I highly doubt that you would do that, some people are just that crazy). A friend of mine had massive back pain through out her pregnancy. I think she was put on bed rest to relieve her back.

    If it relives that pain I don't see why getting a back massage would be a bad thing, but then again I'm not a DR. Wink

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    I have gotten massages during my first trimester with all three pregnancies. I don't tell the massage clinic that I am pregnant because I know they won't take me. They are worried about liability and getting blamed that the massage caused a miscarriage. I personally don't believe massages cause miscarriages so I just get them. I do stay away from deep tissue massages though. 
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    I had one at 7.5 weeks. It was awesome!
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    If your back is bothering you, I would actually suggest seeing a chiropractor (there are ones that specialize in pregnant women). Being adjusted is perfectly safe throughout your pregnancy. If your back is bothering you, it is likely because so much is shifting around in your body, which would be skeletal, not muscular.

    If you don't get massages regularly with a certified therapist who you know well, then I would avoid massage in 1st trimester. If you really feel like that is the only way to relieve your pain, put a call into your doctor and ask him/her to recommend a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage. I WOULD NOT go to a chain massage clinic. I would only go to see an experienced therapist recommended by my doctor. 

    With that said, I've been safely getting a massage every two weeks thus far throughout my pregnancy. HOWEVER, I've been getting massages at this rate since February and I know my therapist very well. She is licensed in medical and prenatal massage. I also see her and my chiropractor regularly to help prevent migraines because I can't be on my regular migraine medication while pregnant.  The practice my therapist practices through is specifically for massage for medical conditions. While I feel so much better when I keep up with my massages, they are not soothing, relaxing, pampering massages. They are often at least mildly painful and I am sore for at least a day afterwards, but that's what I need to keep my migraines at bay. After seeing my therapist for so long now, she's done a lot of work to "normalize" my body and now in 1st tri she backs off on the pressure and avoids specific reflexology/pressure points on my hands and feet.

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