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Me:34 PCOS, one kinked tube, low thyroid.
DH:39 lower than average count.
Married 2006. 3 failed IUIs and countless BFNs.
~IVF#1: July 2012~
7/10 Retrieval: 16r, 14f w/ICSI. 7/15 ET: Transfered 2. 4 frosties.< Poas faint+ 4dp5dt.>
Beta#1 (8dp5dt): 138. Beta#2 (10dp5dt): 355.
u/s#1: (19dp5dt) 8/3/12 one sac, two yolks! Beta 8,000
u/s#2: two strong heartbeats! EDD 4/2/12
Boy/girl fraternal mono/di twins-- lost our sweet baby girl at 22 weeks due to SIUGR
Preterm labor at 23 weeks 4 days, lost our sweet baby boy.

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  • imageNYCBella41:

    Dr. Jessica Fiorelli  has been my OBGYN for over a year now. She is kind, funny, really great. I've been thru a lot with her and would rec her to anyone. The nurses & staff at the Fort Washington office are all very nice as well which helps too :)

    I LOVE!!!! Dr Fiorelli. I've been going to her since March and she has been nothing but excellent. To PP point she is kind and friendly, always makes me laugh and made me very comfortable with the different stages of pregnancy from day 1. I never have to wait for appointments (whether at the Columbus Circle office or Uptown at the hospital) and although the appt are breif she is qiute thorough and answer all of my quesitions with a smile. I popped up at the hospital one day just to have a look around and she took time out of her day to show me the facilities and answer all of my questions... I dont know of many doctors who will do that.

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