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Lurking and ?


With DS, I ovulated on CD 19. His EDD using my LMP was 1/22. FF said 1/27. The dating U/S also said 1/27. My OB always used 1/22 as the EDD. When son was born, the hospital reverted back to the 1st U/S for his gestational age.

If we conceive this cycle, it would be a bigger differential. 4/28 (LMP) versus 5/8 (FF). Should I just tell the OB the LMP was 7/31 not 7/21 to have a closer "true" date?

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Re: Lurking and ?

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    I would go based on the first u/s dating.

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    I would go based on the first u/s dating.

    This. My OB went with the dating u/s for a due date. 

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    my OB is going with u/s although I think my baby is just really tall b/c it measured 6w 2d on the day that I thought I was 6w 0d, then measured 7w 3d on the day I thought I was 7w 0d(I had early u/s with the fertility doc b/c of fertility treatment), and then all of a sudden on the day I thought I was 10w 3d baby measured 11w 2d with the nurse practitioner, OB sees me on (my) 13w 3 day, and I get a special u/s with the fetal genetic specialists and that's what they are really going to go by apparently since they are more like u/s specialists apparently....  I may have just confused you, but I would just tell the OB when you think you O'd and then she'll go by the u/s

    funny thing is I KNOW I can't be much further along than I think I am b/c I had had an u/s to look for cysts and signs of ovulation a week and a half before my O date.... but maybe baby is just a fast grower


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    Neither. Tell your OB when you ovulated and show him/her your chart. If they don't believe you, find another OB because they are a moron if they think that LPM is more accurate than when you actually ovulated.

    If you have that big of a difference, they could try to induce you before it is necessary and even before baby is really 40 weeks. 

    Seriously, if I had an doctor that took my LMP over conception date (ovulation date). I'd tell him/her off, shove a copy of TCOYF in their face, and then go look for another practice.

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