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So my ob office just called and told me I have the MTHFR gene. I will need further testing now and I know I should not be googling this but I did and now am a little concerned. They did put me on a special folic acid/vit B prescription in the meantime. I have a miscarriage and also a sub chorionic hematoma with this pregnancy, all signs and symptoms of this condition. The possible outcomes are: a healthy baby, a intrauterine growth restricted baby, low fluid levels, spina bifida, neural tube defects, pre-eclampsia (which I had with my daughter 8 years ago), placenta abruption and so on. If the next bloodwork comes back abnormal as well, this will start a long process of more testing and a high risk ob doctor. Sad All of this is very scary but the possibilty of a healthy baby is what I will hold on to.

 Anyway, has anyone had this as well and have positive outcomes to share? Thank you in advance

 P.S. T&P's would be greatly appreciated. I will have more BW on Monday and hopefully know more by the middle of next week.

Re: MTHFR Gene

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    I'm so sorry-hopefully baby is healthy and this is just a scare. T&P coming your way!  (((HUGS)))
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    I don't have experience with the gene, but with my first pregnancy, I had low amniotic fluid and my son had suspected asymmetrical IUGR. 

    In the end, everything turned out just fine, and he's a super cute, healthy, active 8 year old boy now.

    I did have LOTS of extra monitoring.  Growth scans (ultrasounds to check babies growth) as soon as they knew there was an issue, non-stress tests (NST's) and amniotic fluid index (AFI) ultrasounds 3 times a week, and I was put on partial bed rest at 36 weeks.

    Because of my history, I will start growth scans at 24 weeks and have them every month, and weekly NST's and AFI's starting at 32 weeks.

    Hang in there.   

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    I have compound heterozygous which is the 2nd worse combo to have. I just found out about this and have had 3 healthy pregnancies before finding this out so I'm holding on to that hope. This is hard to admit and please, nobody flame me, but I stopped taking prenatals after the first 6-8 weeks with all 3 boys and they're perfectly healthy. Yes, it was a risk and they're miracles but they're healthy and perfect. It is possible to have MTHFR and have healthy babies.  I am on extra folic acid, as well as my prenatals and I am being followed by both a normal OB and a high risk OB.The high risk OB wasn't for the MTHFR at first (because we didn't know) but for my first trimester losses. Now that it's known that I have it, I am still going to be followed.

    One thing, don't google. A lot of the population have 1 of the genes with no problems. Having only 1 copy doesn't really introduce you to many problems, unless it's on a specific allele. It's when you have 2 copies that they start to worry. The high risk OB told me that they don't know much about it and that of itself doesn't really mean that your pregnancy will be high risk. When I first told her I had the compound heterozygous she said "Is that the only reason you're here" like it was no big deal. So really, google gives you the worst results. Seriously, you'll think you're dying.

    I know it's stressful. This pregnancy is completely new to me because of the high risk status but I keep telling myself that it's just more reasons to see my baby. :) Please feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk more or anything.

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    I have it too, do not freak out and DO NOT read online stuff, it isn't worth the anxiety. I knew ahead of getting pregnant because I had bloodwork done before. You need to find out if you have 1 copy or 2. I have one, and i just have to be ob extra folic acid and everything is going just fine. 2 copies ups your risk but isn't the worst thing ever. It will be ok, just be glad they found it!
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    The high risk ob wanted to test DH's blood to see if he was a carrier and he has 1 copy too. *sigh* We're still waiting to talk to the high risk OB to see what that means for Chris and this baby.
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    I haven't been an active poster, but quite the lurker, mostly because I didn't want people at work to find out until I was ready to tell them AND there has been a lot of blood work going on for our family too.  BUT, I wanted to respond to this post because it really hits home...

    I have had 2 *fairly healthy pregnancies.  I was high risk for both, but the first was high risk due to Gestational Diabetes and the second was high risk due to GD (again, ugh) and low PAPP-A.  My first, my daughter, is healthy as an ox and there were no problems at delivery with her.  My second, my son, had some "breathing problems" when he was born and he had to go to the NICU.  The deliveries were uneventful, but my son was born VERY quickly (the docs thought maybe he didn't get squeezed enough and had some fluid in his lungs).  Well, fast forward to a few days later when he had some complications in the NICU and he had an MRI that showed he had had a stroke at birth.  He had a barrage of bloodwork done and he was found to have homozygous (2 copies of same MTHFR mutation) MTHFR C677T.  He is perfectly healthy, no defects, meeting all his milestones - we are very blessed.  

    All this being said, I have tested positive for heterozygous (1 copy) MTHFR C677T, which means my husband is also a carrier.  I am being followed by Maternal-Fetal Medicine and am on extra Folic Acid during this pregnancy.  They don't seem to be terribly concerned and there are differing opinions on whether or not the stroke was due to the MTHFR or it was just a fluke.  MFM is going to follow me with monthly ultrasounds to monitor for any clots.  Both the genetic counselor and the MFM MD said there is no definitive research on what having MTHFR means for pregnancies. 

    I hope I didn't worry you :(  Just wanted to share my experience.  So far, everything is looking great with this LO!  Just continue to follow up with the High-risk MD and the geneticist.  Surprisingly enough, they made my husband and I feel a lot better!  Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way!


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    PS-I am so sorry that was so long!
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    I have one copy of the MTHFR gene and am on extra folic acid/vitamin B.  It was discovered before during my repeat loss testing so I do not have experience with finding out about this while being pregnant.  However, if you have only one copy like me it is my understanding that the prescription is a precaution not something that you MUST have to guarantee a healthy pregnancy.  I was also put on baby asprin too as a precaution.

    T&Ps that you and little one will be just fine. 

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    I am homozygous for the A1298C mutation.  I am on extra folic acid, b6, and b12 vitamins.  I was also on a low dose lovenox shot daily until 12 weeks.

    My RE said the single most important thing with a MTHFR diagnosis is the extra folic acid, b6, and b12.

    Stop googling!  It will only make you crazy!

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    I don't have any experience with it but I just wanted to say I will be sending T&P's your way. They thought I had IUGR with my second because I would measure anywhere from 4-6 weeks behind but every ultrasound showed her to be growing just fine. She ended up being 6lbs and 18" long.
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    I have not heard from it, but I'm so sorry that you are having this scare.  I thought you might be shortening the phrase "motherf'er" when I saw the title.  Is that what we should call the gene???
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    I to have MTHFR.  For me the Dr has me on a daily shot of Lovonex.  Dont read into it to much.  You will start to What if your self to death.  Way I look at it like a healty person can have these same issues as someone with MTHFR. 
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