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Finally Decided to Join (Intro)

So after several months of lurking (yes I'll admit it, I've been stalking a little bit), I finally decided to join the board. I think I've finally gotten to the point where I want and need to connect with other women who are going what I'm going through and I want to offer my support to those who are having TTTC as well! 

A little about me - been with my DH for 9 years, married for 3. Love to watch TV/movies, read books, play with my dogs, ski, hike, go out to dinner with my hubby. We started TTC around our 2 year anniversary in May 2011. Of course I thought it was going to be easy and quick because my SIL got pregnant the first month she tried (of course she did)...and then learned after months of getting the BFN, ok, maybe this isn't going to be as easy as I forward to April 2012, we finally got our first BFP, which unfortunately ended up as a CP.

After a year of trying naturally to conceive, we ended up at our RE's office in May 2011. Turns out DH has low count/motility and I have some hormonal issues (low P4, indicates possible annovulation, although charting has shown otherwise most months - maybe it was a bad month??) and thin uterine lining (5.5 mm). 

This cycle is our first medicated cycle (50 mg Clomid Days 3-7 and trigger) and I had IUI #1 last Friday. Currently 6 DPIUI. I'm obviously trying not to get too hopeful, because I know by seeing so many of you on here, it's not an easy journey and IUI #1 DEFINITELY doesn't mean I'm going to get a BFP as much as I may want that to happen.

I look forward to sharing with and supporting all of you during your journey to that elusive BFP! FX for all of you! 

And on a totally unrelated note, for those of you who love dogs like I do (especially little puppies), I've been watching the live cam of these 6 golden puppies that are going to be service dogs for wounded vets. Awesome cause, and these little balls of fur bring a smile to my face no matter how crappy my day is, and with IF we all know there are a lot of those.!/live-cams/player/service-puppy-cam 

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DS born on 9/30/13 from IVF #1.2!
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Re: Finally Decided to Join (Intro)

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    Welcome and GL! Hopefully your stay here is short and sweet!
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    Welcome!  I hope your 1st IUI works.  Good luck with everything!
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    Welcome and good luck on IUI #1, I'm 7dpiui, so we are cycle buddies!!
    Patiently waiting for our 1st since 9/2010.
    Dealing with MFI, good count, good motility, 3% morph-HSG all clear, all other test results came back normal, IUI is our next step
    May 2012- Clomid 50mg + IUI = BFN
    June- Cycle Break
    July- Forced cycle break due to cysts
    August- Femara, Trigger, IUI#2= ?
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    Welcome! I'm sorry you have to be here but, the women around here are great and very informative.

    Infertility blog

    Trying for a baby since 4/10

    DX: Infertile 6/11 Me: LPD, all other blood work clear.
    DH: low sperm motility,low count.
    Met with RE start clomid + TI + IUI 5/12= IUI cancelled due to positive Cystic Fibrosis carrier test. DH tested Neg. for Cystic Fibrosis,

    6/12 Clomid + TI +IUI=BFN 8/10 IVF consult.
    IVF #1 Started BCP 9/2 Lupron 10/11 stims 10/27 ER 11/6!! 5 eggs retreived only 1 mature. FERT report shows none made it.Cancelled cycle.

    IVF #2 BCP 11/18 Lupron 12/14

    Stims start 12/29 ER 1/8 ET 1/11 put in 1 grade B and 1 grade C. Beta: 1/20 = BFN

    IVF# 3 7/13 BFP ended in chemical pregnancy

    9/15 diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance gearing up for IVF# 4 Dec/ Jan

    Everyone Welcome!
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    Welcome! Hope your stay here is short!

    ~TTC#1 Since July 2011~ 
    Dx: Fibroids & Tubal Infertility
                                                        9/12 -IVF#1 =BFN; 5/14 -IVF#2=BFP:-) EDD 2.19.2015                                                

    S/PAIF Welcome 


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    Hello and welcome.  I hope you get good news from your IUI!  I have been watching the puppy came from time to time too.  Nothing cheers you up more than watching playful puppies!
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    Welcome and good luck!  I'm 4 dpiui for my first IUI too, so FX!
    TTC #1 7/10, Me (31)- Dx DOR (AMH 0.6); DH (30)- normal
    BFP on Cycle #8. Natural M/C at ~8 weeks
    IUI #1 and #2 (8/12, 9/12)- 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel = BFNs
    IVF #1 (EPP) 13R/10M/9F, 5DT 1-4AA blast, beta #1-148, beta #2-322, 5 frosties! 
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    Lots of luck to you!  Hopefully one IUI is all it takes!

    (Ps.  I watch this puppy cam every day!)

    Began TTC #1 in January 2011
    Confirmation and Removal of Endo - March 2012
    +#1 on 4/1/12 - m/c @ ~8w 5d
    +#2 Tx cycle 4 - 5 mg Letrozole + 75iu Follsitim & Ovidrel w/ IUI on 11/13/12 - EDD 7/23/13 
    7 week u/s revealed THREE babies, all with heartbeats.  153bpm, 148bpm, and 136bpm
    9 week u/s revealed loss of Baby B.  A and C are growing on track.  A measuring 9w1d with 172bpm and C measuring 9w0d with 179 bpm.  
    Elective sex determination u/s on 2/8 revealed... boy AND girl!
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    Sorry you have to be here but welcome and I hope IUI #1 works for you!!
    Me: 43 DH: 39 - AMA, DOR
    Mommy to Sami (IVF), Born 8.30.13
    Surprise non-assisted BFP - 12.29.2014, Beta 1 = 322, Beta 2 = 760
    EDD 9.7.2015

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    Thanks to all you ladies for your support (and so quickly too), I truly appreciate it! I hope I'll be able to give my support back to all of you in the future. 

     - tayray1: Nice to have a cycle buddy. I had to have my DH hide all the pregnancy tests so I won't give into my compulsive need to POAS. I go in for my beta (if I even get there) on 14 DPIUI, so next Friday - what about you?

    - Bizzy80: Aren't those puppies the cutest? It makes me want to get another puppy (we have 2 big dogs already), DH thinks I'm nuts - which he normally thinks 95% of the time!

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    DS born on 9/30/13 from IVF #1.2!
      Lilypie - (xNS5)
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    Welcome and best of luck to you!  I'm sorry you've made it to this point & I hope your stay is short & sweet. 

    I also am a dog lover :) I'll have to check out the link.  Thank you!

    *******Siggy Warning*******

    *Married since 11/20/10*
    *TTC since 1/12*
    *Me - PCOS * DH - Azoo*
    *IUI clomid 5/13 - BFN*
    *IUI clomid 6/13 - BFN*
    *IUI clomid 7/13 - Cancelled due to poor response*
    *IUI follistim 9/13 - Cancelled due to over response*
    *IVF #1 - 13R, 5M, 4F, 2 transferred on day 3 - BFN & nothing to freeze*
    *IVF #2 - 7R, 4M, 4F, 2 transferred on day 3 - BFP!!!!*
    *Beta #1 15dp3dt >2,000, Beta #2 21dp3dt >17,000!*
    *U/S on 6/27/14 @ 6w4d - 2 sacs, 1 HB found @ 125bpm!*
    *First OB appt 7/24/14*

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    Welcome! Good luck with IUI #1. Keep us posted!
    Me: 31 | DH: 31
    Unexplained Infertility
    7/12-9/12: IUIs #1-#3 = BFN
    11/12: IVF #1 - Transferred 2 blasts (1 frozen) = BFP!
    Beta#1 (11/21) - 194, Beta#2 (11/26) - 1222, Beta#3 (12/2) - 9535 (It's twins!) Pregnancy Ticker
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    Not to sound like my Dad...but it sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders. You've done evrything right. Hope you get lucky with IUI w

    TTC since July 2009. Dx MFI & LPD. 
    IUI#1&2&3 (2011 & 2012) BFN
    IUI#4 1/23/13 on 75iu x9 Follistim = BFP then chem preg m/c (Feb 2013)
    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
    IVF w/ICSI Oct. 2, 2012 - 13R, 11M, 7F, 1 frozen blast 4BB grade - - - FET Nov 15, 2013
    BFP! Beta 1:104 @ 10dp6dt, Beta 2:178 @ 12dp6dt,  beta 3:366 @ 14dp6dt
    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
    JUNE 2014 IVF#2;  5R, 2M, 1F Three day transfer 6/7.  Beta 6/18 - BFN
    Child Free Now?

    My Blog


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    Welcome and good luck with your IUI!

    My Blog: The Journey
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicimage
    TTC with PCOS since 4/2011
    1500mg Metformin
    4 Clomid cycles (3 cancelled) / 2 Clomid + Follistim + IUI cycles
    10/2012 & 11/2012- Treatment break while waiting for new insurance to become effective.
    IUI #3 in December... or not. Surprise BFP on 12/9/12!
    12/10 Beta #1: 25, 12/13 Beta #2: 122, 12/17 Beta #3: 738
    12/20 1st u/s, 12/27 2nd u/s with a heartbeat!, 1/3 3rd u/s & released from RE

    EDD: 8/21/13

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    Welcome! Sorry things didn't work out as fast as you wished!!  Hope the first IUI works for ya!!!  Good Luck and hope your stay is short!!

    BabyFetus Ticker

    TTC SINCE 7/2010, BFP-10/2010 ended in miscarriage 11/2010 : (.....
    Progesterone level 4/2011= 11.29. SA normal. HSG normal.
    8/11 Clomid 50mg=BFN progesterone level 35,
    10/11 Clomid 50mg =BFN progesterone level 31,
    11/11 Clomid 50mg=BFN progesterone level 12,
    12/11 Clomid 50mg=Progesterone 31
    01/12-Break from meds-BFN
    Feb-cd3 blood work FSH(5), AMH(0.56) 02/12 Break....
    03/01/12-Clomid 50mg with IUI #1=BFN.
    04/01/12-Another round of clomid with IUI#2=BFN.
    5/8/12-Diagnostic Laparoscopy-found minimal endometriosis and small fibriod.
    June and July-much needed break
    August-Bravelle 75 with IUI#3- BFN
    September-Bravelle injects with IUI #4-BFP!! MC 10/7/12 : ( Sonohysterogram-Normal
    December- Bravelle(3 good follicles & E2 1252) with IUI#5 BFFN :*(
    July IVF #1- BFP! : )  Beta #1-245, #2- 703, #3- 1655, #4- 3553 YAY!  Praying and Praying this one sticks around!
                      1st U/S scheduled for Aug 23rd!  
    We are having a BOY & a GIRL !!

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    Welcome! Best of luck with your IUI. 
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    Welcome!  I'm really sorry you have to be here too.  Of course, I wish we could all just be naive like we were at the beginning (or like 90% of the population) and just assume it will happen within a few months (BOOO!!).  I really hope you breeze through here with BFP on your first IUI.  Good Luck!
    2 year TTC journey with successful IVF in Nov 2012- B/G Twins!
    Baby Boy diagnosed with omphalocele and diaphragmatic hernia
    Born at 32 weeks due to PROM.  Emergency c-section due to prolapsed cord.
    Said Goodbye to our sweet Bennett after 5 short hours.  
    Spent 35 days in the NICU with our little girl.

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    Welcome and good luck.  I hope you breeze through here.
    Me 27 DH 29 Married since 2007, together since 2001
    Off BC since Febuary 2006 3 Clomid Cycles in 2008- symptomatic, US just showed a tilted uterus, otherwise normal, HSG normal.  DH has an ejaculatory duct obstruction and a congenital absence of the vas deferens.  This is common with cystic fibrosis carriers, but he doesn't have cystic fibrosis. IVF #1 with TESE/ICSI (Antagonist protocol) Aug 2014=BFN (poor embryo quality)   IVF #2 ICSI long lupron protocol November 2014
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    Welcome & GL with your IUI!  Hopefully 1st time's the charm!
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    Oh I watch that at work LOL! Something in common already! We are pretty close in IUI cycles as well- I had my first on the 3rd :) Should find out tomorrow! 

     Keep us all updated on your journey, I myself am also pretty new on here, but just love the connection all of us TTC'ers have! My husband prefers to keep all this to ourselves for the most part, so it's nice to be able to share feelings, side effects and "oh ***!" moments :) 

    Welcome to the club asliwhite! 

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