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Unsolicited advice from strangers

Funny little read :) Strangers can be so awesome when it comes to babies...don't even get me started on random people touching your kid all. the. time.

Re: Unsolicited advice from strangers

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    Lol! Now how do I survive unsolicited family advice. It's already coming in :/
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    haha I love it. I also hate when random people touch my baby, especially people who pull their hands out of their mouth and touch them "cause they are so tiny" and then my infant sticks them straight back into her mouth.


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    Awesome! :-)

    I have to admit that I experienced very little of this, but I usually live in Germany and Germans tend to be a little more reserved about that kind of thing (thank goodness). 

    But for those who are having problems with family / friends, my midwife gave our birth prep class some advice. She said don't try to argue with them or defend your decisions (to use / not use a pacifier, BF/FF, pick up baby when s/he's crying, etc) unless you think it will actually do some good. Instead, say, "My doctor / midwife / pediatrician supports my decisions and says LO is doing great." or "Thanks for your advice. My OB/midwife/pediatrician is perfectly happy with me/LO." And then be a broken record. If they keep saying their advice, you keep saying your line. I only had to use it once on a Jehovah's Witness who felt she could give me advice on my baby while I was trying to tell her and the man with her to go away.

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    How about:

    Dear Mother-in-Law the baby isn't here yet, so take your advice and shove it!

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