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I just got my biggest baby item!

I just got a double bob! 

Eek! That's the most I have spend on one baby item at a time and the first thing for this baby! It got me all emotional since its becoming real buying stuff for this little one!! 

Anyone else starting to buy stuff? 


Re: I just got my biggest baby item!

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    Nice! My friend just sold me her barely used double bob for $200! Loveeee it
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    That's awesome you got 30% off! I do that and my husband gets so annoyed when I ask for discounts. Lol! 

    200 for a bob is a great deal! I can't find them for less then 400 used around here. But 400 is better then 600! Although 200 would have been amazing!  


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    I bought a double city mini. I was pretty excited.
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    Today I stopped in at BRU (totally innocently...) and when I was checking out the new colors of gdiapers, I saw they had a "newborn starter kit." One was already open, so I checked it out. One of the diapers had a small stain on it, so I asked the manager if they would consider a discount. He offered 30% off, so I had to get it! It was normally $134.99 and I got it for $94.50 (that's 12 NB covers, 6 small gpants, and 40 flushable inserts)! 


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    That is awesome! I love my single BOB. Ahhh you will love it! Congrats on the purchase! Smile
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