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Hi Ladies,

I have heard about Toxoplasmosis before and not to change the cat litter, but it never occurred to me about gardening. I am constantly weeding my garden and I don't wear gloves - I do wash my hands thoroughly after and don't touch my face while gardening. I also water the plants and the hose runs through the dirt and I'm touching it and don't always wash my hands right after using the hose...

Do you think this could cause me to get Toxoplasmosis?


Thanks! I know it seems silly, but this LO was 2 years and some IVF in the making so I'm a bit paranoid!

Re: Toxoplasmosis

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    My doctor said that's only a concern if there are outdoor cats around (the idea being that your flower bed becomes like a giant litter box that you're digging in).  I'd start wearing gloves just in case, but I think you're probably fine if you've been gardening.

    ETA: If you had a cat before and you regularly cleaned out its litterbox, there's a good chance you'd already be immune to it anyway, so I don't think you have much to worry about. 

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    If you've got animals pooping in your garden, then it's theoretically possible but unlikely. My ex-OB told me that it's more likely you'll get toxoplasmosis from food being out of the fridge (flies land on some sort of poop and then land on the food) than from cat poop. But if you're worried, then wear gloves.

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    Thanks! I'm wearing gloves now and I've not had cats so I don't think I'm immune, but I've not see any or any cat poop in our garden so you're likely right and I don't need to worry! I'll certainly be more careful now!


    Thanks so much :)

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