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I need some advice?

Ladies I need some help or advice; for the last month a half I have been having all the pregnancy symptoms, nasease, throwing up, sore breast, headaches, dizzy, acne which I never have now my last period was extremely small and thats rare for me; that was 3 weeks ago, when I take the home pregnancy test they come back negative, so I was thinking I was just sick; well all the symptoms are still the same and I want answers so I went to the doctor and got a blood pregnancy test and it came back negative also.. But my doctor says he thinks I'm pregnant and that nothing else makes sense.. Has anyone else had problems with it taking a while for it to show up on a test? I'm just really confused..

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    It would be extremely, extremely unlikely that you would be 3 weeks late for your period, have a negative blood pregnancy test, and actually be pregnant. Sorry.

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    If your period was 3 weeks ago it's probably too early to test. There are plenty of non-pregnancy reasons for nausea: taking B12 or iron on an empty stomach or too much, allergies or post-nasal drip, stomach bug. Test once a week or until you get your period.
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    My doctor ran a full blood test on me also the only issue there was is with my thyroid which I've been taking medication for. And my nausea come at all time of the day; with or without food, I wake up in the middle of the night with it.. But I will be just waiting it out apparently.. Thank you.. I just wasn't sure how early symptoms could show.
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    I ovulated late so my test didn't show until a week after my missed period..  You'll just have to wait it out!  :)
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    It's possible you are pregnant but that it is too early to test. You say you are only 3 weeks past you LMP. Personally, 3 weeks past my LMP would have put me 10 days out from when I actually got my BFP. I would wait a week before testing again or even wait until you miss your next period. 
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    Thank you ladies; I appreciate it, I just want answers and your right I will have to be patient. :
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    The math doesn't add up.  If you had a period 3 weeks ago you couldn't have been having symptoms for the last month and a half.  If the bleeding 3 weeks ago wasn't a period and you truly have been pregnant for the last month and a half, your doctor would be able to tell that based on a physical exam, regardless of the blood test results.  The fact that your doctor didn't do one and is sort of shrugging at the blood test makes me think A) he's an idiot or B) this is MUD.
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    Blood pregnancy tests don't lie. 

    When sperm and egg meet it takes several days for the fertilized embryo to descend into the uterus. HCG is not produced until the embryo hatches from the zona and implants into the wall of the uterus. Until HCG is produced you are not considered pregnant by any medical test. (and as someone who has had 9 embryos in her uterus, I'm kinda an old pro at what constitutes a pregnancy)

    Once you ovulate, regardless of fertilization, the ovary begins to produce progesterone. If there is no implantation, the progesterone level drops, and the endometrial lining is shed. If implantation occurs, progesterone levels increase and HCG is secreted into the blood stream.

    No HCG, no pregnancy.  If there's no pregnancy, then you should determine what is actually making you sick. Perhaps a virus?

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    I'm confused why your dr would think you're KU with negative tests/bloodwork and no ultrasound. You need a new dr.


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    Why does your doctor think you are in fact pregnant even with negative blood tests? Sorry but that doesn't make any sense


    On another note I have also have a thyroid problem and unexplained bouts of nausea. (before I was pregnant). I swear its related to my thyroid or thyroid meds. I would also wake up in the middle of the night with, get it at random times throughout the the day. Following a nausea spell I also tend to get 30 mins or so of bubbles and burps and then I feel better. Had a million tests and so far no doctor has been able to identify the cause.

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