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Anyone tried acupuncture during pregnancy?

And if so, how was it?
I'm trying to spread the word about how acupuncture can help ease things during pregnancy, but I want to know people's experiences with it =) 
Has anyone had a good or bad experience? 

Re: Anyone tried acupuncture during pregnancy?

  • I hate to be the first post and it not be that great! I had 3 sessions and my the 3rd one I was in so much pain I quit. I don't even know why, they said it was very uncommon. Course there is NOTHING normal about it.. this only proved it! I was super disappointed because I really wanted it to be relaxing and helpful. I do recommend people trying it at least once! My first session was great but after that... well not so much anymore!

    I say try it! It might work for you!

    Good luck!


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