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  • My sister-in-law delivered both kids at Shady Grove--the second one was a planned C-Section due to major complications in the first delivery.  Shady Grove literally saved my niece's life due to a fast and innovated neonatal response.  My SIL was very happy with how the hospital handled both situations (obviously not happy with the first birth but very happy with how it was handled).  And in good news, my niece is now a vibrant, smart, energetic and perfectly healthy 4.5 year old (the little one is 2). 

     My cousin delivered both of her girls (same ages as my niece and nephew) at Sibley and I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. 

     But I think I am going to go with Shady Grove because my SIL had such good care there.  We live in Silver Spring but I refuse to go to Holy Cross for various personal reasons (moral, religious, ethical).

    Plus, my husband was already confused enough that he had to re-do our marriage license thinking that because I lived in MD my whole life I was born there--nope, born at GW in DC.  So he really wants the kid to be born in MD.

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