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We just found out that EFMP is going to cause DH orders this means its going to be real hard to try and have a baby with him being overseas without me for a year . sorry had to vent im in tears , im 35 and by the time we will get to try again i will be close to 38 ...


  • I think a word or two was left out of your first sentence. What exactly is EFMP doing/not doing?  I agree with PP to talk to Family Advocacy.
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  • I'm enrolled in EFMP and it caused very few issues when we got orders to Korea. They will often tell you that you may not be approved for Command Sponsorship, but depending on the problem, that's not always true.
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  • We met with the people who take care of orders, and here at Ft. Gordon Ga they are not sending any wives or children over seas at all  that are on EFMP. If the base you are going to doesnt have the med help you may need. Everyone here that is getting orders with my DH has been told no overseas orders. They can try and get it over turned if you can find the right person to hear what you have to say . But so far no one here has had that happen . My friend next door got hers overturned for Germany but that was from another base .

  • Its funny you said something about my PCM . I am trying to get a new one . This one hasnt been a Dr very long and she doesnt like when another Dr is telling her that i need somethings done about my everyday meds probs .. Its a mess .

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