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No Breast Pain/Changes

Hi all! I'm 9w 5days, with our first, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had no changes in their breasts? I'm a heavy D to DD to begin with, so I'm kinda of glad that they haven't become enormous monsters trying to escape my shirt, but I also do not have pain and my areolas and nipples have not changed. Last week I had an u/s, and everything's perfect, heartbeat was strong at 178!

The only pain I've had was very sharp, acute pain in one nipple a few times, but I have attributed that to damaged nerves reacting to internal changes since I had a benign tumor removed as a teenager.


Re: No Breast Pain/Changes

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    I would just consider yourself lucky!
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    Not everyone gets all the symptoms and some people don't get any at all so don't worry about this one at all :)
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    I have zero symptoms.  No breast pain here either.

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    Similar size here also and today is the first day with some, very slight, pain in my chest. We're just lucky!
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    Not everyone gets all the symptoms and some people don't get any at all so don't worry about this one at all :)

    100% this - my breasts didn't change one bit, I wore the same bras before during and after my pregnancy (except when I was nursing but the nursing bras were the same size)

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    You may just be one of the lucky ones that doesn't have much breast pain.  It is still too early for you to really see any changes in your areolas/nipples yet, that will come in time, and you may have growth in the coming months, or you might not grow too much before you deliver.

    With DS I went from a 34B to a 36C but not it happened gradually throughout the pregnancy, not all in first tri.  I did have breast tenderness during first tri starting around 7 weeks, that went away for the most part during 2nd tri.

    This time, I started as a small 34C, and now I'm a full 36C, again it has happened gradually.  Same thing this time with the breast tenderness as last time. 

    Every pregnancy in every woman is different.  If you just saw a great HB last week, then try not to let the lack of breast tenderness bother you.

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