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Potty Training

About to give up.

DS1 will pee in the potty when we set him on it but has no interest in letting us know if and when he needs to go.  On top of that he has only pooped in the potty a few times. 

I have been working on potty training for 6 months now!  We are no further ahead now then we were when we started.  And I feel like I have tried everything....bribing with candy, stickers.  I've read 4 books and tried all their different methods.  Everytime I think the concept is finally getting through to him it all falls apart once again.  Nothing has worked.  I'm starting to think it isn't worth the stress or the carpet cleaning bills.

He is really about to go back into diapers and we'll wait it out all over again.

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Re: About to give up.

  • If you want to take a break and put him back in diapers for mental sanity then go for it.

    With DD I waited until she would tell me that she weted her diapers, then I knew she was really for PTing.

    I did the Lori Jensen 3 day method as well as a 9m pg lady could ( I couldn't follow her around like we were attached at the hip, but we managed) during the day.  I am not ready to wake up and change sheets at night, I'll wait until LO #2 is born.

    After the 6th day she would show that she had to go by grabbing herself or tell me "Oh, poo-poo" which is her universal for "I have to go!".

    It's been about 2 weeks and she gets every pee in the potty, BMs are still a work in process.

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  • My son just turned 3 in June and I tried everything with him and finally one night as I was getting them ready for bed about a month ago, he come out of his bedroom with underwear on and told me he was done with diapers, I was very frustrated because I just wanted to go to bed and not deal with him wetting the underwear but he done great! I dont let him wear the underwear to bed yet but he had very few accidents, we're having some pooping issues now out of the blue but he was doing fantastic. I think you just have to give them time, wait till they're ready.

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