1st Trimester

Has anyone else been getting any lower back pain?

I thought the back pain sets in much later in pregnancy but my lower back is killing me! I went to a massage therapist the weekend and she said the lower back is off limits in the first trimester. How did you guys deal with it or is there anything that can help? Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!
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Re: Has anyone else been getting any lower back pain?

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    I had a lot of lower back pain that would come and go at 10 weeks and then a lot more just last week. I think if you look online you can find some safe stretches to do or even in your What to Expect when you are expecting book if you have one.
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    as long as it's comfortable you can try laying on your back with your knees bent and rocking your pelvis back and forth as if you are pushing your belly button into your back, do this 30 times. I have scoliosis, so back pain has been pretty normal for me since the car accident that caused it a few years ago, and my physical therapy taught me a lot of helpful stretches.

    another one you also lay on your back with your knees bent the same way, then place one ankle on the other knee, and gently pull the knee that is up towards the other side, 30 seconds twice on each side.(this will stretch your hip flexors)

    also, lay on your back with your legs straight, then take a belt or something similar and put it on the sole of one foot, pulling it gently towards your head(both legs still straight, this should stretch your hamstrings)


    none of those actually stretch the back, but they stretch the supporting muscles and often allow the back to relax more. 

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    Lurking, but I had very bad back pain pretty early on. Mine went away for a while at lately my back has been hurting higher up, I think from my boobs getting bigger. Try a warm bath or a heating pad on low.


    Jacob, 1/14/13
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    OMG, it's awful.  I find streching my back feels really good but its just temporary.  I have a shallow hot bath jsut so my back will be covered, that seems to help. 
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