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New mom questions!

Hello everyone,

I have a newborn, he will be four months old on the 14th. I have read about the average age for certain milestones online, but I wanted to check with other moms or dads to see how old your children were when they started doing things like rolling over, and reaching / playing with toys. My little one just started rolling on his side a few weeks ago and kicks around like crazy, coos, laughs and yells,  grabs his feet, and will swat at toys, but he hasn't rolled over yet. He hates tummy time, and I usually am only able to get him to do an hour or so a day, evey time I try he gets really fussy, or he will vomit, even if I wait 2 hours after he has eaten.

Thanks in advance! 

Re: New mom questions!

  • Your LO sounds on track.  Rolling over happens between 4-6 months, and yes some babies roll over sooner but every baby is different.  1 hour of tummy time is great!  The recommended time is 30 minutes daily.  Also, if you have him lay on your tummy (tummy to tummy) that counts as well.  You can also hold him tummy down on your lap, and carry him so that his tummy is on your forearm.  All of those will still help build those muscles.  You sound like you are doing a good job.Yes  I don't think most babies like tummy time on the floor until they have completely mastered it.  My LO only does about 5 minutes tops. 
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  • Hello :) My son is almost 3 1/2 months and is doing everything your 4 month old is doing. So your LO is doing just fine :) My son also dislikes tummy time very much, but I have heard that it is common for them not to like it that much until they start scooting and realizing what they can do while on their bellies. Rolling over though will probably be soon!! :)
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