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Has anyone seen these in person/used them before? I saw a video about them and found them on the BRU site but when I went to the store today to check things out I didn't see them anywhere.  There were also a million customers in there so I didn't bother waiting around to ask for help, I figure I have plenty of time. Just curious because I've never seen them and no one I have spoken to has ever even heard of them, but I think they look kinda cool. Thanks Smile

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    I don't have one so I don't have actual experience with them but I have heard mixed reviews on them. Some people really like them and some don't, its really one of those things that depend on your LO. IMO I don't think DS would've liked it, he actually liked to swing back and fourth. You could always try and find a used one to see how LO likes it.

    ETA(sorry if this is a double post, my power went out real quick lol). I've never seen them in BRU and I know they have tons of things they only carry online so maybe that's one of them? I have always seen them in BBB though. 

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