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appt update-still two

I am not happy with my ob and his ability to handle a potentially high risk twin pregnancy, but i am going town.rectify that one way.or another. But the babies were both there and moving around and waving. He said they both looked good and were measuring right on target for gestational.age. i went ahead and scbeduled the my scan for next week just to have another set of eyes on them (basically i think they are sharing a placenta because that is what he said, and that normally warrants a visit with a specialist sooner vs. later, but he was not concerned at all (and also seemed to get facts that he should know wrong). It is fuuny because going in to the appointment i was mostly worried about whether there would still be two, but afterwards my biggest worry is that he is.inept for twins and that i now have to come up with plan b. But i am.so happy that my babies are doing well. I have a plan b and then a plan c.

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    Holy cow!! Autocorrect has made a mockery of my post. Sorry :( (it started out with "still twisted" vs "still two").
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    I am glad there are still two. Hopefully you can find a new dr or he can get his sh!t together.
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