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6 month old - keeps bumping head/falling over..

My son learned to crawl, say mama, sit by himself and pull up to a stand all on the same week he turned 6 months old.. but now he's getting super curious and climbing to a stand on EVERYTHING (couch, chairs, my legs, toys, stool, table...you name it). He's practically unstoppable and carries himself well, but randomly stumbles and keeps bumping his head and face on our vinyl floor, carpeted floor and the sides of his crib.. He cries like it really hurt him, but not a minute later, he's at it again... Is this normal? Should I be worried about head trauma or something like that? He's 28 weeks old today.. Thank you.

Re: 6 month old - keeps bumping head/falling over..

  • Meh, it happens. A lot.  And yeah, they cry...because in their young minds that's the worse pain they've ever experienced.  Trust your intuition to know when it's a severe fall that might require medical attention...which is probably only if he falls from high up.  Look for vomiting, dilated pupils, loss of balance, or just generally weird mannerisms.

    My MIL (a nurse) reassured me that infant skulls are very soft and pliable.  They're made to take all those nasty hits!  Of course, she informed me of those after DS took a nasty fall- from high up :/  I swore he had cracked his skull, but turns out he was fine!  Babies are very resilient. 


  • Ok. My husband was really freaked out by a few of his falls and was worried more than myself about it. I remember when our daughter started to crawl and get around, her head was a wall magnet lol. She was older (like 8-10 months) and she was fine. I guess it's just because he's only 6 months that really had us a little concerned about it. Thank you for the reassurance. :)
  • My son is 28 weeks today too and is starting to crawl and pulled himself up to standing last week. In the last two days he has gotten a scratch on his chin and some sort of scratch/rug burn combo on his arm. He is pretty tough looking! A few times he fell on his face I expected him to cry but just held my breath and waited and he was ok.
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  • Now that my baby is crawling and learning to stand, he is always getting little bruises, scratches, etc. Last night he got a little bloody nose from face planting. He screamed bloody murder but whenever he gets hurt I just scoop him up and comfort him till he stops crying and watch out to make sure there is no swelling, etc that needs attention. I do my best to keep him from getting hurt but it's all part of the process and so far no major injuries. If I ever get upset over him falling down, I think of my grandmother who caught my uncle drinking paint thinner when he was two. That is scary!!
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  • This is my DS.  A little before 7 months he started pulling to stand and now does it all the time.  He does not want to sit to play with toys he wants to stand and climb on everything.  He falls and gets little bruises on his head.  Your baby will be fine! I can't keep him from climbing and I can't catch him everytime he falls.  If he is somewhere a little more dangerous I watch him pretty carefully (on the hardwood or outside on the concrete). 
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  • I have really hard, slippery terrazzo floors and many may think it odd, but I am considering getting something like this once she's more mobile until she's a little more skilled at crawling or walking. It's a baby helmet. 


     But on vinyl and carpet, etc, I wouldn't think you'd need to be that worried.. 

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