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Holy thirst!

Does anyone else feel like they can't get enough water? I'm drinking constantly, but I'm so incredibly thirsty. It's driving me nuts!
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Re: Holy thirst!

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    YES!  It was even worse in the beginning.  I felt like I could drink water nonstop and still not have enough.  It's crazy!
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    Yes! ALL THE TIME! 
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    I drink at least 100-120oz of water a day. I'm always peeing!
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    Yes!!! ALL THE TIME!!!! I wasn't like this with my first so I was worried, bc I'm going through 8-10 bottles off water a day and it's still not enough!  Doc says it's fine though!  Just have to pee every 20 minutes...ugh!
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    Yes! Not all the time but when it happens nothing can quench my thirst and then my stomach bothers me b/c I drank so much!
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