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Hi ladies! My bff is about to start her journey and found out meds are not covered. I told her I would ask you lovely ladies for some recommendations of where she should be looking for the cheapest meds. For now she needs clomid and trigger shot and maybe injects down the line. TIA! Always wishing the best for you ladies! xoxo
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Re: (Ticker Warning) OOP Pharmacy ?

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    I have never used them, but on the IF board yesterday IVFmeds dot com was mentioned.
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    I've always gotten my meds from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.  They are based out of Massachusetts but they send them all over.  I've heard anectodally that Walmart sells Clomid for $5 or something cheap but I've never had to shop around for it.
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    I got my clomid for $10 at just a local pharmacy.  My RE's office gets the trigger for me and bills it.
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    Walmart for the Clomid, $4 or $5 I don't remember.
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    I got all of my meds at Walgreens... Clomid was about $5-10.

    When we started our IVF journey, I was extremely lucky that my insurance covered just about everything and all we were responsible for was co-pays, but again, that was through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and they were awesome! 

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    I would stick to Wal-Mart for Clomid. Walgreens Specialty has a generic trigger shot for $59. For the bigger guns, I'd go with ivfmeds. They're based out of the UK but from what I've seen, they've got the best OOP prices.

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    Thank you all so much! I passed along your info to her and she was pleased to find such cheap prices. Thank you again!
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    As usual, I'm late to the party, but she could try to check out Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy.  They're in VA but serve the east coast including NJ.  Got my trigger through them for $71 this month.


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