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Looking for a caring high risk obgyn

Hi I have had 2 miscarriages the first seemed to be a quick bounce back after d&c. The second is more difficult, the obgyn practice referred by my fertility specialist does not seem to care or be vested in me.  I have had 2 d&cs with this second miscarriages till spotting.  2months have past my clock is ticking and all they can say is "it's normal". Can anyone recommend a caring and attentive high risk ob in NYC?

Re: Looking for a caring high risk obgyn

  • Try Andrei Rebarber on the UES.  He did my CVS and was wonderful.  I wanted to see him as my primary OB but he couldn't take me on because I'd originally been referred by another doctor.
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  • I am sorry about your miscarriages. After I miscarried I went to Dr. Rebarber's practice bc I didnt love my original practice at Columbia. I had my d&c at Dr. Rebarber's practice and they were wonderful about everything. Unfortunately, they stopped accepting my insurance and I am pregnant again and now go to Dr. Lauren Ferrara, who is at Mt. Sinai and is wonderful as well. Good luck!
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