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Nanny share / day care costs

Our baby is due in January, and I plan to go back to work after three months of maternity leave.  I'm a FTM, so I don't know much about the cost of day care or a nanny share.

While I'm sure it differs from place to place, could y'all help me out with an idea of what I might need to budget, for both possible child care options?


Our little Samosa arrives in January!

Re: Nanny share / day care costs

  • A friend of mine told me the average for an independent baby sitter in the area was $12-$14/hour, but I'm not sure, and I'd love to know as well.

    When I signed up for this account with The Bump they offered a free membership to however I have no clue how to access that free membership. I've had friends who have used it and are pretty happy about it.

  • Use  It costs money but it's well worth it.  I signed up and found two different sitters for my infant twin boys.  As for price, I currently pay a wonderful part-time nanny $15/hour to watch them both. They're 4-months old and kind of a handful. Anyway, that rate is what she charges for TWO babies.


  • Daycares range from $800-1800/month in the city.  I haven't found any places less than $800/month for daycare but I'd be interested to know if anyone else has! 

     All the nanny options I looked into were more expensive than this...

  • My co-worker babysit part time,  she charges $17/hr.

    Nanny are so expensive 

  • I'm a nanny in the Loudoun area and I charge $500 a week for 40 hours. I've done the same for 2 families, each with 3 children all ages 3 and under. I got my 3rd nannying job through and recommend it for both nannies and moms! I believe you can get a free 30 or 60 day trial no matter what. I found a job within days, so it would be worth a shot. If anyone is looking for a nanny share-type situation in Loudoun or Fairfax I am interested. I am due in March and am looking for a new job where I can bring my daughter in exchange for a pay cut. Any questions, feel free to email me at My name is Nina.
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