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GBS test?

I have my Group B strep test in 2 weeks (I'll be 36 weeks) and I'm worried about it though I had no worries earlier, I guess I am just worried about everything as it gets closer. Anyway, if I test positive, they'll treat me with penicillin- which is supposed to be pretty good with few complications and all that. But SO (baby daddy) is allergic to penicillin and I'm worried Aiden (baby) might be as well. Did you get treated with anything else? I know it's still only a slim possibility but I guess it's just a first time mom thing
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Re: GBS test?

  • No need to be worried.  If you're positive they will not treat you until labor time.  And even if LO is allergic to penicillin, it won't matter.  For the first two weeks of life LO will have your antibodies and, hence, your allergies.  If you're not allergic, don't worry.

  • I have my test tomorrow and I'm allergic to penicillin too.  I'm sure they have other antibiotics for GBS positive women with penicillin allergies because that's a pretty common drug allergy. 
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  • I am also allergic to pencillin.  My doctor said that if I come back positive then they will test the swab itself and see which antibiotic will work for it.  There are so many too choose from so they have options for you.
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