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Back from 1st Appt!

Well, I had my first appointment today. They drew tons of blood, did a full medical history, and surprisingly got a transvaginal ultrasound for dating! By my LMP, my Dr. calculated me at 8w3d, but the ultrasound dated 6w4d with an EDD of 3/29/13 :) I had a feeling that I ovulated late...oh and the best part? We saw the heartbeat!! Dr. said everything looks good and healthy. I go back on the 28th for a full physical exam.

Anyone else end up not being as far along as with your LMP?

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    I was the exact opposite. I had my period twice, two weeks apart. By my calculations, I thought I was about 5.5 weeks pregnant when I went, but I was 7. 

    Congrats! Seeing the heartbeat is kind've an eyeopener. It certainly was for myself and my BF. :) 

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    The same thing happened to me. According to my last period I should be due late February but after my first ultrasound they determined March 7th. I was using ovulation test strips though and knew I was a late ovulater so I expected it. :)
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    I had a friend who thought she was going in for her 8 week u/s and found out she was really 12 weeks!

    My dating u/s was only 2 days off my LMP EDD 

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