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Thinking about changing Dr. at 34 weeks

I posted yesterday about how I went on a hospital tour and was unhappy with some of their practices. 

Today, I found a different hospital, the same distance away that is more supportive of med-free birth and even allows water births. The current hospital doesn't have tubs even for laboring and that is a big selling point for me.

Of course, to switch hospitals, I have to switch to a new practice. I called one of the practices affiliated with the new hospital and they said they would take me, but need my medical records first. Of course, my current practice is making me wait 5-7 days for that, so I can't see the new Dr. until next Wednesday. 

I'm excited about the options the new hospital offers, but I'm, also worried that if I don't like the new Dr., it will be awkward to go back to my current Dr. after requesting my records. 

I'm really hoping this all works out and I'm not left with no doctor at 34 weeks. 


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Re: Thinking about changing Dr. at 34 weeks

  • Lots of luck! Good for you for switching to a place you think you'll be more comfortable.
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  • We switched doctors at 29 weeks and had the same issue with the paperwork but the new doc saw us anyway due to the delay. The doctors office that I left called to ask why I was transferring service and said if it doesnt work out with the new doctor, they would be happy to have us return to their practice. They were really nice about it. I doubt they will have hard feelngs about you moving. It isn't personal for them.

    You have to do what is best for you and your family and I think the majority of doctors understand that. Plus, I loved having the tub to help with pain when delivering DD so if you can be in a room with one, go for it. Keep in mind delivery can go faster if ou are standing, using a birthing ball, walking around, etc so dont spend too much time in the tub even though it is tempting to stay there the whole time Big Smile

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  • I read your post about the hospital tour and I think you are doing a good thing!  Good luck!
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  • The new hospital sounds much better suited to what you're looking for - good luck!
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  • I've heard of more ridiculous things to be honest.  just do what you think is best.  If I were you I would switch as well, hopefully there are a few doctors in the new practice you are switching too and if it doesn't work out you can find a different one. 

    in my opinion, the hospital environment and nurses play a MUCH more vital part of your labor & delivery than the doctor, If I had to choose which one I wanted to be less happy with it would be the doctor.  

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  • I switched doctor's mid pregnancy, but I didn't even tell my old OB.  All I did was ask for a complete copy of my medical record from them and made an appt with the new OB.  When I requested the complete medical record they said they needed 24-72 hours for copying/printing etc and I had the option to pick it up or have it mailed or faxed. If I didn't like my new OB then no harm/no foul I could continue care with the old one. It wasn't until I found an OB I liked better and delivered at the hospital I wanted (my old ob didn't have privileges there) that I let them know I would no longer be continuing with their practice. 
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  • You girls just made me feel so much better! 
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  • If doctors can see other patients, then why can patients see other doctors? Haha I heard that on a TV show, but it's totally true and doctors are not as possessive about their patients as we think. It sounds like the switch would be worth it for you so don't sweat it.

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  • I'll be switching at 34 wks too...
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