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Prenatal Yoga?

Hello! I am new to the site & just had my 13 wk check up. Turns out I am measuring closer to 14 weeks! I am extremely interested in joining a prenatal yoga class to exercise, and meet new people. Any thoughts on any in Broward County... I live in Coconut Creek, FL.

Re: Prenatal Yoga?

  • Hey there, try yoga fairy dot com. My sessions started last night ;-)
  • I go to a studio that a friend of mine recently opened near Coral Springs hospital. Although she doesn't have a specific prenatal class, her classes are still pretty slow and she completely customizes to the students. So when I'm there, she teaches "prenatal," but the other students get just as good a workout as they would have otherwise because she doesn't take pity on me lol  If you're in that area, let me know and I'll send you her info.
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