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AW: I made it through my friend's wedding!

My best friend got married yesterday afternoon. I was super excited for the wedding of course, but also a bit nervous that I was going to be able to participate in all the activities. It was a really hot day and was nervous that I would be getting to hot and uncomfortable to be walking all around for pictures.

The ceremony was thankfully very short- like 15 minutes short- and that was long enough- it was so hot in the place where we were. The sun was beating down through the windows and about 150 people crammed into a pretty small room.
Then we did pictures and we were walking around. My friend was pretty good about trying to stay in one place for me. Reception was good too.

I was so exhausted by the end though. I still had to drive an hour to get home after, my DH had come, but left early because he needed to work and we had 2 vehicles there anywhere. I slept the best I have in a long time and then slept in and still had a 4 hour nap!

My dress fit and looked great! I was very happy with how it looked! Anyways, this was a blatant AW post, but I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of her day and that it went very well!


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