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Potty Training

Questions, questions, and more questions.

Long story short, my eldest is special needs and I had nothing to do with his potty training. My youngest is receiving speech for a delay. He doesn't talk much, but is a quick learner and understands a lot. I recently noticed that when I find his diaper is dirty or wet at home, all I have to say is "diaper change" and he goes straight to his bedroom door to be changed. He is currently 26months. My question is what abilities did you notice in your child that motivated you to start potty training and how old was your child when you started? Thank you!

Re: Questions, questions, and more questions.

  • Has he shown any interest in using the potty?  Does he tell you when he has gone in his diaper?  Sometimes a non-verbal sign is taking a soiled diaper off after dirtying it....sound gross but it shows awareness/interest in the process and that they are becoming uncomfortable being in a dirty diaper.  You may want to buy a potty chair and start introducing the concept and see if he is interested at all.  At 26 months, it might still be a bit early, given that boys generally pt later, but I definitely know two yr old boys that were trained at that age.  Good luck! 
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