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retained placenta...gross

I swear, after being pregnant, going through labor and delivery, and going through recovery, nothing surprises me anymore. I had been bleeding lightly but steadily the past four weeks. Several days ago, the bleeding slowed but was replaced by this brown foul-smelling discharge that, by Saturday, started to concern me. I decided if it didn't let up by Monday that I would call my OB (pp appointment not until the 14th). Yesterday, while peeing, I felt something large come out of me, and when I looked, in the toilet was a piece of placenta the size of a GOLF BALL. Of course, I didn't identify it as retained placenta until I fished it out and put it in a plastic bag all while freaking the f*ck out. Decided not to go to the ER unless I was running a fever or showing signs of infection. Since then, my bleeding/discharge has stopped completely to where I'm only using a pantyliner just in case, and there's no odor whatsoever. Should I still ask to be seen by my OB sooner than next Tuesday? I feel fine, and I've pretty much diagnosed myself via Dr. Google, but I'm still kind of scared that there are more pieces left up in there and I don't want to risk infection. I really don't feel like going to the doc today, as I already have a physical therapy appointment for my hip at 2:30 and it's logistically difficult to get out of the house all day since I'm BFing. What to do?

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    I would call your OB...if there is anything else left in there, it can possibly cause an infection, and that would suck bigtime.

    This...I would be worried about either getting an infection if there is still retained fragments, or heavy bleeding that can occur! I would at least get checked out by your OB if you can...

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  • I actually had this happen and went to my OB the next day. They did an u/s and found some more. Gave me a round of cytotec and something orally. Didnt work. But my bleeding tapered off. At my next u/s they decided to wait and see what happens. I have stopped bleeding now. They said that it could've been just a clot and my body can reabsorb it. They will recheck at my 6 week pp visit. Good luck. 
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  • How do you know it was placenta and not a clot? I've had some pretty monstrous ones....
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    How do you know it was placenta and not a clot? I've had some pretty monstrous ones....

    Well, I don't know for sure. But it didn't look, feel, or smell like a clot of blood. (I felt it while it was in a baggie and it smelled exactly like the gross discharge) It looks exactly like what google images considers a retained placenta fragment. And since the foul odor and discharge went away after it passed, I assume the rotting tissue was the cause. Blood clots don't cause an odor, I don't think. I called my OB and he's going to see me later this afternoon.

  • This may sound really gross but did the piece you passed have any white tissue in it or was it mostly red and gelatinous looking?  I passed several huge (like the size of a baseball) blood clots in the first week after I gave birth.  The first 2 were in the hospital and I freaked out. The nurse fished them out of the toilet and inspected them.  She said if they are mostly red and clumpy looking it is a blood clot and is likely from sitting or laying in bed during recovery so the blood pools and clots form.  She said if there is any white tissue on the clumps then that is likely part of the placenta and could be an issue.  My OB said it was fine to pass clots at home (and I passed a couple more during the first week home) but if the bleeding got heavy to call their office.  I would defiantly call your OB just to see what they say!!

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