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Just a vent here. So we had beautiful couples maternity photos taken and I emailed them to my parents. (mind you I have a half sleeve of beautiful color tattoos, which mom hates but I thought she was over it since I've had them for years). Anyway, my dad said, oh those pictures are really nice...I honestly didn't even know mom was on the line anymore because she was completely mute. I asked if she was there and what she thought of the pictures. She was apparently offended by a bare belly shot of mine and my hubby's hands in heart shape. "I don't like those bare stomach pictures, thats kind of private...and I don't like the tattoos." not. A single word how the pictures turned out beautiful- not all of them have my tattoos showing. Nothing. She just makes me so mad. It really hurts that I'm a grown 32 yr old happily married woman and she just cannot be happy and share my joy.Some people are so closed-minded. Ughhhh!Thanks for listening.

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  • Sounds like something my mother would say.  How frustrating.  I'm sorry.
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  • I'm sorry, that stinks :(  It's too bad that parents still affect us so much even when we're grown and know what we should expect!  Hopefully we'll be better parents ourselves for it...  GL!!
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  • Sounds just like something my mother would say!  She never has anything positive to say and always points out the bad stuff.   I try and brush off her comments but deep down it still hurts.  Hang in there I am sure you will get lots of positive comments from everyone else Smile

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  • Sounds like she's old fashioned which I suppose is her choice but I can understand being annoyed. My mom would totally act like that or say something similar but I tend to just go right back at her so she keeps her comments short.  Hang in there!

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    missing my baby everyday
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  • It's unfortunate when you have to tell your parents, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

    I'm sorry your mom couldn't be happier for you, or at least hide her emotions. I don't think that is too much to ask. It isn't like you had nude pictures taken and sent them to you or unveiled your tattoos to her in pictures. Yeesh. :(

    You should post them here! We'd love to see them.

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  • Sounds like something my mother would say about the tattoos. Not sure about the bare belly. She would like that, but urge me not to show anyone else is my guess....sorry she rained on your parade. Mothers can be a pain.
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  • Sorry, that's a bummer but don't let it ruin the excitement! And I agree--we'd love to see some of your pics (if you feel like sharing :)!
  • Please post some of the pics - would love to see!
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  • Thank you for all your kind words gals:) I am not technologically inclined and cannot figure out how to post a pic for you!
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