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Boon Lawn Bottle Dryer

Hi ladies. Do any of you have any experience with the Boon drying products? They all look so cool, but I want to know of they're worth the money. Excuse the formatting. I'm bumping from my Android.
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Re: Boon Lawn Bottle Dryer

  • It was HIGHLY recommended to me.  They said to go to a local baby store to get the largest size they make.  I haven't gotten it yet though. 
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    I LOVE mine.  It fits a ton of bottles and parts.  Good luck! 
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  • We've had one for over a year and LOVE it.  I had a cheaper bottle drying rack and really hated it - it wasn't very stable and didn't hold enough parts.  We don't use bottles (never have really) but between breast pump parts (when we were pumping) to sippy cups / other plastic parts now - we use the Boon drying rack all the time.  In fact, I found a gently used one for $4.00 the other day and bought a 2nd - I figure with baby #2 on the way we can use the space.  Our 1st is always full of stuff drying (I use it for my own kitchen stuff too!)

     We do put a towel under it to catch drips from things hanging off the sides.  They make these cool "trees" that are like branches to stick things on - we might get those for the pump parts, too.  

    You will need to wash it now and then b/c the dripping water can grow mold on the white tray.  We send both parts through the dishwasher; I also sometimes do a bleach soak and use a q-tip to get into any corners of the white tray that didn't get clean enough (but i"m really obsessive about cleaning). 

  • Yes, we love ours.  I didn't know they had the lawn available so I registered for and received grass.  I later bought lawn because between bottles and pump parts I ran out of room on the grass version.  I also highly recommend the flowers.  They create a lot more space and are great for drying nipples and rings.
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  • I just registered for a lawn and two trees today. I think they look fantastic. I thought I better get the lawn since I have twins coming. I can't wait to use it. 
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  • Love ours!! We still use it for sippy cup parts occasionally and mini forks.
  • I love ours. Everyone is always surprised that it's our bottle dryer. It looks way modern and easy on the eyes when you have it on your counter. We use it mainly for bottle parts for my pump and bottles. It's awesome! I bought mine off Amazon. I think Target sells them, too.

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  • Definitely worth the money. We've used ours for 2 years (we had the original Grass one with DD). It worked great for holding her bottles and all my odd sized pump parts. Then I found that it worked really great for her sippy cup parts and odd sized kid stuff like toddler utensils and bowls/plates as she got older. It is easy to clean and has held up great with 2 years of daily use.

    We love ours so much that we went and bought the Lawn (and now have both of them on our counter) so we'd have another one ready when baby #2 arrives this month.

  • I LOVE mine!!  Definitely worth the money.  I think we have 10 bottles, tops, nipples, caps plus pump parts on it most everyday.  I would get the bigger of the two- the Lawn.  It's perfect.  I got mine off amazon.  Highly recommend!
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  • I love ours as well.  It works well and is much cuter then others out there!
  • we just have the "grass" from when I was pregnant with DD#1 2 years ago and LOVE it. we use it all the time - not just for baby stuff. They didn't have a "lawn" version then...
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