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Ahh, what a morning...

STM's, you will appreciate this...

My DH has been going golfing some Sunday mornings with his friends. He works hard for us, and we both believe that we need time with friends or kid-free when possible so I am happy to let him have golf time. Today, because not only am I 35w pregnant but also have a sinus infection/bronchitis that is kicking my @ss and not allowing me to sleep he wanted to give me some time alone to rest so he surprised me...

This morning he cooked us all breakfast,then took DD1 to a Children's Museum for the whole morning.  He is grilling us dinner (YUM!) later tonight too. So my morning--aside from coughing up a lung and blowing my nose--has consisted of:

A warm LONG shower, without a 2yo opening the curtain saying "Mommy, I want..."

Took my time putting on my makeup and actually being able to style my hair

Watching the Olympics without having to switch it to Spongebob or Sprout

Drinking water and eating some chocolate covered PB pretzels (another thoughtful gift fm DH!) without having to share

 Hanging out on TB and not having to stop to play an Elmo game

IT IS HEAVEN! Paradise


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