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I'm one of those lucky pregnant ladies.

Because I get to enjoy having a yeast infection AND a bacterial infection at the same time! Yay!

I went in for an NST yesterday and I was having a lot of contractions. Every 6 minutes, but I only felt them every so often. Well, I did a pee test and have a yeast infection and BV. I JUST got over a yeast infection, or thought I did. I have had no symptoms of either. So they were thinking those are the reasons that I am having contractions because I honestly have no idea how long I've had either of these and they both can cause an irritable uterus.

At least I got a spiffy giant maternity care cup out of it. And most important of all, baby is doing wonderfully!

Re: I'm one of those lucky pregnant ladies.

  • It's lame you have to deal with that but great that LO is doing well. Hang in there!

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  • Sucks! I just recently got over a yeast infection.....same as you-no symptoms, only having contractions-which was why I went to the dr. it blows! My irritable uterus lasted almost 2 weeks after being diagnosed with the infection.
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