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painful bowel movements

Is anyone experiencing painful bowel movements. I don't think that its internal hemroids im wondering if its because we have so much pressure down there?
imageimage Cooper James 9.1.2012

Re: painful bowel movements

  • I must say I have had some pains when passing a bowel and it's not the bowel that is hurting, it feels like A LOT of pressure/sharp pain, I'm thinking it's the baby! I told the NP when I went 1 1/2 ago and she said that it's probably just all the pressure as baby is head down! I duno, but it's painful! I do take stool softners too because I did have problems w/ bowels but not anymore! So you are not alone with feeling this pain! :(
  • Yea its definitely getting more painful. It started as an achy dull pain.
    imageimage Cooper James 9.1.2012
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  • Well I don't want to get too in depth about my bowels, but I will say that movements have been painful and not because of constipation/hemorrhoids. I've also been told that it is the uterus pressure that makes the simple act of using the bathroom a Russian roulette of "normal" or "oh god why???"
  • imageliz581:
    Yeah, I'm remembering fondly the days when I didn't think about my bowel movements.  That was awesome.


    This.  Meanwhile, I am going to the bathroom 3-4 times a day.  The frequency is exhausting, not to mention totally inconvenient when it happens at work. 

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